Published On: Wed, Sep 13th, 2017

WWE Smackdown Live Results: Reactions, Winners And Vince Mcmahon Entry

Kevin Owens entered in ring to call the Shane McMahon while from last week the entertainment industry got depressed news after the kick out the Shane from Commissioner of SmackDown and Kevin wants the Vince to decide about his future.


In last week show, the former WWE champion used improper words for Shane whole family, the commissioner attacked him while due to violation of laws he was suspended by the CEO of the company, for to take revenge.

Kevin appeared again on the ring because he want to sue to whole family and that has gone in wrong direction.

WWE SmackDown is known as professional wrestling television program which runs on every Tuesday night, it is considered as one of the most favorite shows in the world after Raw.

The program was created by the Vince McMahon who is now the CEO of the WWE and Daniel Bryan is the general manager of the show.

With the start of the show, Kevin entered in ring, he expressed his views about his insult by commissioner, on that moment general manager Bryan came on screen to solve the issues but he wanted to come off the CEO Vince McMahon to make a deal with him.

After the announcement of United States champion Aj Styles for a open challenge, The Perfect 10 came on screen to win the fight but after a destructive match between two wrestlers.

Aj won the fight and after the match Baron interrupted and he beaten up the champion by announcing that he will his opponent in next week.

At the end of the SmackDown show, CEO and chairman Vince McMahon appeared on screen to give the answers of Kevin questions.

He told him that his son on right way and he didn’t finish his job by not destroying the Owen and he announced that Kevin will face Shane in Hell in Cell while Owen attacked on Vince due to which he is seriously injured.

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