Published On: Wed, Jul 12th, 2017

WWE Smackdown 11 July: Results, Grades, Reactions And Winners

At WWE SmackDown event on 11 July the main shocking news came about the John Cena and AJ Styles that they are united against their opponents, old enemies are friends of today and AJ styles Open challenge for US title created an entertaining atmosphere.


WWE SmackDown also known as SmackDown live, it airs on every Tuesday on US network, it is another brand of WWE and others are RAW, NXT; it is known as professional wrestling television program which has one of the highest ratings in US and Vince McMahon is the creator of this channel.

On the start of the event, the United States champion AJ Styles issued an open challenge for the championship, John Cena who is the 16 time World heavy weight champion came in the ring to accept the challenge but on that Spot Kevin appeared on the screen and with the help of Rusev they attacked on both.

Tye Dillinger who is new face of WWE, Jinder Mahal, the WWE champion self called the Maharaja, he expressed his rudeness in the ring but on that spot Tye came in the ring to challenged him for a fight and after a brutal fight between them Jinder got the victory over his opponent.

At the SmackDown event there was a brutal match between Xavier Woods vs. Jey Uso, after a destructing match Woods won the match as he hits a diving elbow to Jey; Shinsuke Nakamura got a attack from Baron Corbin, they were in angry mood and due to interference of management they were be separated.

The main event was between John Cena and AJ Styles vs. Rusev and Kevin Owens; after a brutal and destructive fight between the opponents John Cena’s team won the match and it was a good news for fans that enemies of past are friends of today.

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