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Words And Deeds Can Raise North Korea Tensions; China Said

After the test of North Korea of Intercontinental ballistic missile, china said that words and deeds can raise the tensions of the North Korea and it will be against the piece of the world because of nuclear fear.


North Korea is a country which is known as one of the most powerful nuclear power, it has a strong economy, country has attached border with china, it is said that North Korea in some years will be strongest country in the world in terms of strong nuclear system and it is growing developing country.

China is known as most powerful country in terms of strong economy, China has a border linked with Korea and especially Pakistan.

the country has a valid role to keep calm in between the enemies of world and now China is showing its involvement to decrease the tensions between American and North Korea.

From a number of years United States of America and North Korea have many clashes, it was said few months ago that they can strike in the area of Korea, from this address there was a great anger in North Korea and both the countries are talking about the nuclear war which will be against the peace of the world and not will be beneficial for human development.

America has said in an interview that they cannot give permission to North Korea to develop strong nuclear system because there was a reason inside the department that they want their own system to be most powerful and now North Korea is increasing their nuclear power.

Few days ago on Tuesday North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile which can strike the American even its state Alaska.

it is shocking news about their clash because through this condition there can be a nuclear war and China is trying to cool down the North Korea.

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