Published On: Fri, Nov 10th, 2017

US Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Says, Sanctions Hurt North Korea

The secretary of state said on Tuesday that North Korea is hurting from sanctions while United States with China will sign some contracts to impose more international limits on Pyongyang and this will affect seriously their economy.


America is really going to week the North Korean economy as the President Donald Trump is meeting with the Chinese supreme leader to impose more sanctions on them that will affect seriously their economy.

He said that United States will sign some deals with China and this will hurt the Pyongyang in results of sanctions.

United States is fully trying to make the Pyongyang’s economy weak as both countries have many clashes, North Korea in recent days has warned the US for a nuclear attack which has increased the tensions among other neighbor countries because even the use of such war words is destroying the world peace and it is against the UN peace rules.

With the passage of time, the clashes have been increased between the two powerful countries, in recent days the United States President Donald Trump has issued a statement during his visit in Asia that America will never let them go.

They know how to defend its allies as well as their people and he is in China to sign some important international bills.

Along top officials of China and America, President Donald Trump met with Xi Jinping for some important discussion on international issues and some are about the North Korea.

Rex Tillerson said on Thursday that both countries will sure to impose the sanctions on Pyongyang that will really affect their economy while in September at UN general conference China has signed the sanction bill and now the presidents of countries again will try something to hurt the North Korea.

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