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US President Escalated North Korean Threats As Nuclear War Tensions Rise

American President said on Thursday that his statement of Fire and fury is not enough for the North Korea because they are talking about to fire the missiles on US Guam base and according to America if enemy country would do action against them, then they must ready to face extraordinary terrible.


Kim Jong-un’s government got a warning from the American President on Thursday that the statement given by Donald Trump of fire and fury situation is not tough enough for North Korea as the nuclear tensions are rising among these two powerful countries and now the president double downs on threats against North Korea.

United States of America is known as most powerful country in the world, Donald Trump is the president of the country who joined the government after winning election in 2016.

America has most powerful nuclear system in the world and now North Korea wants to make an attack on the US military airbase in Guam which has increased tensions.

Due to war of words, tensions are going to increase among two nuclear-armed nations, after the fire and fury statement made by Donald Trump, North Korea showed their statement that now they will make attack on Guam state with missiles and America will face the results.

US defense secretary has said earlier in a statement that if North Korea did anything against the America, then they will face the serious situation and their regime will be end as well as it will lead to destruction of their people.

Now Donald Trump has said on Thursday that the statement that he made in last days about fire and fire is not tough enough for North Korea, about the North Korean news of making attack on Guam and now they will face the extraordinary trouble if they will do.

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