Published On: Fri, Aug 4th, 2017

US President Donald Trump Signs New Sanction Bill Over Russia Into Law

American President Donald Trump singed a sanction bill on Wednesday into law on Russia and this represents the President’s ability that he is agree with the congress who passed the bill in last week to restrict the Russia with Sanction bill.


Sanction bill was passed by the Congress in last week in parliament to impose the restrictions on Russia, that bill was required the sign of President Donald Trump while now the sign has done by him.

The sanction bill has passed into law on Wednesday and according to Russia it will lead to trade war between two countries.

America is known as most powerful country in the world, it is a developed country which has many states, Donald Trump is the president of the country.

He got the post of President in 2016 when he got the victory against Hillary Clinton in 2016 election and now he is considered as most powerful man in the in universe.

Russia is involved in the 2016 election, it was said many of times; as Donald Trump’s presidency seat is in danger because he has the allegations that he got the help of Russian attorney to damage the information about Hillary Clinton and his case is under investigation.

According to White House statement after signing the Sanction bill that President has signed the bill behind the closed doors without media converge, according to Trump some provisions are clearly unconstitutional.

A few days ago Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to US officials to cut down its diplomatic from Russian country, President showed the anger about Sanction bill, and he said to US to cut down the 755 diplomatic and technical staff from the country.

Announcement made about signing the bill after 11 a.m. ET and Russia called this act as Trade war between two countries.

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