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US Military Prepares B-52 Nuclear Bombers For 24-Hour Ready To Fly Alert Status

Since 1991 US didn’t put B-532 nuclear bombers ready to fly alert but now Air force is preparing the bombers for 24 hour alert status which has increased the tensions in the region and America is threatening the North Korea with their preparation for war.


According to the chief of a military branch that US could deploy its nuclear bombs B-52 because of increasing war pressures in the region.

on other side North Korea is also prepare itself for the war head, now a statement issued by a American general that Air force could put the nuclear bombers for 2 hour alert status to fly in any time and this news threats the Pyongyang.

During second world war II, United States used this way to make the attacks on its enemies while a critical statement has come from the officials on Sunday.

That Air force is preparing to put the nuclear bombers on high alert for 24 hour to fly because due to increasing in war tensions with North Korea and now the situation is going to more worse.

Some officials of the military has denied this news that US is preparing to put the B-52 bombs on 24 alert to fly.

But according to general David Goldfein told to news that United States could prepare it in future while further he said that they are thinking about the future of global more as compare to preparing nuclear bombers and the country is moving forward.

According to the officials that they are thinking about to prepare the country for the future threat prospects as well as present.

While on other side North Korea is talking about the deploy the nuclear missiles and with the passage of time the war of words is going more worse.

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