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US Focus On Missiles Defense System After North Korean Long Range Missiles Advancement

Pentagon is focusing to increase its reliability in defense missile system for denuclearization as North Korean tested a long range intercontinental ballistic missile and now US is considering shooting down the ICBM missiles.


United States of America is now thinking to improve its defense system in order to shoot down the intercontinental ballistic missile.

North Korea successfully tested a ICBM missile on 4th July which has increased the tensions and now US intensifies focus on reliability of defense system to give the response of long range missiles made by North Korea.

US is known as most powerful country in the world which is considered as one of the strongest economy, it is a developed country with advanced and latest technology, they have strong defense system as country spent a large portion of the budget on improving its advancement in weapons.

North Korea is known as one of the most powerful state in the world, it is situated in the Asia, the rulers of the country as well as the public are against the America because they are thought to be their enemies, North Korea has one of the most powerful and destructive nuclear missiles.

The whole world is know about the clashes between these two powerful countries, they have different ideas with different cultures, America has said in a statement which has increased the tensions few months ago as they said that they cannot allow the North Korea to build the strong nuclear system.

On 4th July North Korea has made a test successful of Intercontinental ballistic missile which can hit the Alaska state of America as said by media.

US gave a response of this test by making a new improvement in their defense system as they shoot down the ballistic missile like North Korean’s in a test.

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