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US Army Soldier Arrested By The Hawaii Military While Helping The ISIS

A US army soldier arrested in Hawaii, he was charged to helping the ISIS in terms of providing classified documents and he accused for training the ISIS forces; court revealed the decision on Monday.


US army is known as most powerful in the world, the country has most advanced technology which is the wish of every country to acquire it, Army has good reputation in the world, and President Donald Trump is the commander in chief of US army and GEN Mark A. Milley is the chief of staff.

United States of America is dealing with the ISIS militant groups who are called as threat to humanity by America, the country is against the militant group who are spreading the fear and US has declared earlier that ISIS is a terrorist group.

According to reports, Ikaika Erik Kang who is American army sergeant of 34 years old, he is an air traffic control operator with the 25th Infantry Division at U.S. Army Pacific Command.

he has been taken into custody by an FBI SWAT team on Saturday and he was in close observation by the security forces at least from one year before taken into custody.

It is a shameful incident for that country who is a big enemy of terrorist groups, America is now dealing seriously with ISIS, US sergeant caught by the FBI, he was charged to given the material support to militant groups and it is said that he provided the resources to ISIS for attacks.

According to Attorney general, he had poor mental health since few years ago, but that was neglected by the US, he was involved with the ISIS from 2016 which is now confirmed, he has the highest post of instructor training and he used that training to train the ISIS.

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