Published On: Wed, Oct 11th, 2017

US Army Chief Warns North Korea, Looks Like America Is Ready For World War 3

Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley issued a very dangerous statement on Monday that US army is not seeing any risk to solve the problem related to nuclear war and missiles programs of North Korea while America has free options to do that.


American army chief statement on Monday showed that the situation is going toward the war as he warned the North Korea over their missile programs.

He cleared the world that US has no risk to fight while they have free options for war because the American army is ready for war and he further said that they have definite time to solve the crisis with Pyongyang.

The world is coming close to war as both powerful countries North Korea and United States are talking about to destroy each other while from a long time the tensions in region have increased due to these talks of nuclear war.

In recent statement on Monday, America has warned to Pyongyang that US will leave them destructive as they have no risk for military use.

In recent days, South Korea claimed to deploy the graphite bombs on North Korea in results of nuclear war while if this happen then whole country will change into dark house as without any shot.

South Korea wins the war because blackout bomb will destroy the whole country’s power grid stations and without power every weapon will be wasted.

On Monday, US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley cleared the news that America is ready for war, the army will have no risk for war as if this happens then North Korea will face the horrible consequences.

As everyone know very well about that and the situation of world war III is developing because of hyper situation in the region.

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