Published On: Tue, Oct 24th, 2017

Two Women Suspects Visit Again Malaysian Airport, Accused Of Killing Kim Jong-Nam

Two suspected women revisited the international Kuala Lumpur airport on Tuesday with lawyers as well as the judges on criminal place and both are accused of killing the North Korean leader’s half brother Kim Jong-nam with the highly toxic VX nerve agent on his face.


To judge the criminal scene with the better understanding where Kim Jon-nam was killed by the two women, judges of the case with the lawyers visited to the international airport where they saw the killing place.

Two suspected women were brought with them while they were surrounding by police on Tuesday and it was said by the women they are tricked by someone.

During investigation, both women said that they were not know the what was the type of chemical that they rubbed on the Jong-nam face as that was a television prank.

But according to them someone are there in behind of the scene and on 13 February the North Korean leader’s half brother were killed at Kuala Lumpur international airport.

Suspected women have said during the case investigation that some North Korean agents tricked them to kill him.

While on other side the government officials have denied the news that no agent is involved in this killing and later the four North Koreans who travelled to Indonesia on that day, have been have been charged in this murder case.

When the Kim Jon-nam was killed, he sat on the airport in wait of a flight, according to suspect ladies they were doing a TV prank but they didn’t know about the rubbing of highly toxic on his face and now on Tuesday they were brought on the airport.

Judges along a hundred of police officers with suspects came to international airport on Tuesday to see the criminal scene in order to take the more precise decision.

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