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Trump’s Speech Called As The Sound Of A Dog Barking’ By North Korea At UN

After Trump’s speech at United Nations general assembly the foreign minister of North Korea has called that the voice of Donald is looking like barking of dog in and American president has said that US will destroy the Pyongyang.


Donald Trump spoke out in recent days in New York at general conference, he said that over the mission of Pyongyang’s missile system.

It will case the completely destruction of their country while in response North Korean Foreign minister said that it looks like the sound of barking dog and they are not scare from such kind of barking dog while he is in New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly.

US and North Korea are thought to be worse enemies of each other, the tensions in the region fired up after the six and most latest missile test that was conducted by Pyongyang while it is said by experts.

That North Korea has successful made the hydrogen bomb which is most powerful ever than US had and this is the main reason of United States pressure on UN to impose serious sanctions.

North Korean foreign minister Ri Yong Ho said to press media in New York in front of his hotel that Donald Trump talked much about the super power but all of that is baseless because it was like of sound of dog barking.

If the US think that through such kind of speech at UN, they can create fear in Pyongyang then these all tricks are like of just barking.

American president Donald Trump told to UN in his first speech that US has many options to deal with the North Korean crisis and if they are seeking for war then they will see the completely destruction of their regime.

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