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Trump Speaks In Speech As He Threatens To Iran And North Korea At UN Conference

Donald Trump warned the North Korea over the Pyongyang’s nuclear threats, North Korea has said about the nuclear war with US and now American president spoke at the UN general assembly to destroy the North Korea.


In the first speech, the US president gave them a strong but hard speech to UN assembly, he told that the whole world is in tension due t North Korean thinking about war head.

While he threatened the Pyongyang that they have selected the missile options which are like of a suicide mission and they will have the complete destruction.

The president also spoke out about the Iran, he called the export of the country, a violence, he told the United Nations general assembly that the nuclear deal.

That was made by the previous government are now well which are looks like embarrassment for them and he requested to while world to join the hands with US to control the Iran in destruction purposes.

With given warnings to Iran as well as North Korea, the president Trump also talked about the Cuba and Venezuela, according to him the people of Venezuela are starving while its leaders are going to rich.

The country in the hands of corrupt leaders and he praised many Middle east countries who joined the hands with US to vanish the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

He further said at UN general assembly that like other country leaders, he preferred his country first, he requested to United Nations that join the hands with United States against the North Korea who is the cause of rising tensions in the region.

As US will be sincere friend of whole world and he threatened o Pyongyang that the country is on the way of its own destruction.

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