Published On: Thu, Jul 20th, 2017

Trump Lashes Out At Investigators About Russian Meddling And At Justice Officials

American president Donald Trump showed his anger on the investigators of Russian meddling in 2016 campaign in 50 minutes interview to New York Times on Wednesday and he felt disrespect at the sessions.


A panel of senate is investigating the case about the Russian meddling in 2016 election, after the results Donald Trump got a shocking victory against Hillary Clinton and he became the new face of America in 2016.

But now it is saying that victory has gotten by wrong way because helped him to win the elections and Russian influence was found in 2016 campaign.

A few days ago Donald Trump’s oldest son Donald Jr. stated that he met with a Russian lawyer who was also a Russian attorney in New York Tower in month of June, he was told that she might help to damage the information about Hillary Clinton and he met with her before the nomination of his father as President of America.

After the statement of President’s son his presidency is in danger now because as days are going more proofs have been caught by the Investigators of the case and Panel will invite his son for interviewing about the meeting with Russian attorney.

The panel which is known as Justice Department of investigations consists of the members like Attorney General Jeff Sessions, fired FBI Director James Comey and Robert S. Mueller; they are dealing the case with highly concentration.

American president told the Public that they must not believe on the rumors about the meddling in election, there is no truth of Russian interference in 2016 campaign and he will reveal the truth in front of his public.

Donald Trump said in an interview that if he knows about the type of questions they are going to ask in sessions then he would never join the session.

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