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Truck Kills At Least 78 People In Central African Republic

Dozens of people are injured and more than 78 people have been killed in a truck accident when the truck was fully loaded with goods and passengers and crashed in Central Africa.


Africa is a country which is known as the second largest continent in the world after Asia, it has a large number of adjacent islands, it has the large number of population from total of whole world, it has 54 countries in its area and Africa has the 6% of Earth’s total surface area which is a huge space.

According to government officials the accident took place outside the town Bambari, truck crashed about 10 km away from this town, accident took place at 300 km northeast of the capital Bangui and truck was on it routine work that it was going to market in the village of Maloum.

Injured people are transferred to near hospitals where they are getting treatment, form them many of the people are in serious condition and they are under critical observation; according to doctors they have counted the 78 people who have been dead and dozens of people are injured.

Chamberlain Bama, chief doctor at the university hospital in Bambari has said that when accident took place, many wounded people were taken to home directly from there without any treatment which was the main cause of more deaths and now 72 persons are wounded which were calculated by them.

Amaseka Topi who is the member of parliament of that area has said to news that truck was over loaded, it was going in high speed which was more than its normal because they wanted to reach on time in market which was the cause of the accident.

Doctors have said that 78 people have been dead and 72 people are injured which are taking better treatment in hospitals.

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