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Travel ban over North Korea, Venezuela, Chad as signed by Donald Trump

To deal with crisis as well as for the Safety of American people, President Donald Trump singed new ban on travelers to different five countries with strict restriction while Venezuela, Chad and North Korea are included in these banned countries.


President Donald Trump tweeted a statement with his signed proclamation that now many countries will face the ban to travel in US as this has been done for the safety of the United States.

While there are eight countries who will face restrictions to travel while that are Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea and Yemen.

From number of weeks, North Korea and America are facing critical crisis as both are talking about the war, in recent days Pyongyang has tested a new powerful nuclear missile.

which is according to experts, is a hydrogen bomb and it is said that this bomb is most powerful ever country had which is the cause of rising tensions in region.

Donald Trump have talked about to destroy the North Korea at UN general assembly because of their Nuclear missile tests, while in response Pyongyang gave a hard reply to the United Nations that they are not afraid of such kind of talks because they are on right way.

American president Donald Trump announced new restrictions for many countries on traveling to US as this has done for the safety of their people.

Because according to the officials that some countries like North Korea, Iran didn’t have enough security and they cannot give permission to them to travel in their country by taking risks.

According to officials there are some countries that will face full ban because they have lack of cooperation with American authorities and in that numbers, North Korea, Chad and Venezuela are included because of lack of security.

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