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Top Car Wash Brand in Pakistan

Cars are indispensible in world of today as they are being used by literally billions across the word for heir day to day businesses. However, during these daily routines, these cars that serve us so well tend to get dirty. Dirt and stains, both inside and outside the car diminishes the beauty of the cars.  These stains and dirt often tend to embed themselves in the body of the car. If the car is not washed and cleaned on a regular basis, then it might lead to accumulated maintenance expense.

There are literally thousands of car wash products in Pakistan but the question is which one is better? Well do not fret on this question any longer as we present to you a list of best car wash products in Pakistan.  We are not only going to let our readers know the best products in Pakistan for cars  but also the very best bike wash products in Pakistan as well.

So hang on to your seats and let’s go in this joy ride of car washing (Pun intended).

Wiz Wash:-

The first brand on the list of car wash products in Pakistan is the “Wiz Wash”. This brand adheres to the golden principle that “Cleanliness is half a faith”.  They have not taken this principle as a figurative one but also as a literal one which can be seen in the working quality of their products which are among the best products in Pakistan for all automobiles.

Wiz Car Wash Products in Pakistan:

Their products like Car Shampoo, Car Shampoo + Polish, and Car Shampoo + Wax have been rated 5 stars by their millions of satisfactory customers. All of these car wash products in Pakistan are made with premium grade quality with the aim to remove any embedded grains of metal as well as tree sap, dust, dirt other environmental and non environmental deposits. The car wash shampoo products of Wiz Wash are made with a premium grade mix of polydimethylsiloxane which happens to be a silicon based polymer. This polymer allows the smooth washing of the car as well as makes the car look shinier after each wash. That’s not all the shampoos polymer chemistry works in tandem with metal surface of the cars to allow them to have a sort of synthetic barrier of liquid to give the car a shiny look.

As for the car shampoo + wax products, they are made with Carnauba Wax that allow the shampoo and wax to both easily remove the dirt as well as other deposits form surface of car. If you are worried about it damaging the paint, then be at ease, because this all-weather product is safe for use on any car paint.

Wiz Bike Wash Products in Pakistan:

Wiz Wash not only deals with car wash products in Pakistan but also with bike wash products in Pakistan as well. Some of their famed products in this category are the Bike Shampoo + Polish, Bike Shampoo + Wax and simple yet effective Bike Shampoo.

Just like car shampoo, there bike wash shampoos are made with polydimethylsiloxane that effectively clean any dirty surface over the bikes to give them a shinier look. This silicon based polymer allows the bikes to have a shiny glossy look by creating a synthetic liquid barrier.


Other Wiz Products in Pakistan:

Wiz Wash not only deals solely in Bike and Car wash shampoo, polishes and wax products but also in other car and bike related car wash products in Pakistan. Notable on the list is their Wiz Glass Cleaner that is meant for cleaning any type of glass item to make it streak free and sparkling. Forget about those oily fingerprint marks or smidges, the Wiz Glass cleaner works even before you swipe it away.

Next is their Wiz tyre Dressing that happens to be the best tire cleaner in Pakistan which works effectively on any tyre dressing. The pH neutral water formula of this tyre cleaner allows the dirt to be removed as well as leave a protective coat when down. It has zero carbon footprint, as it is biodegradable.

Wiz also deals in the multipurpose cleaner with gloss in Pakistan and for that their best product is Wiz Multi Purpose Cleaner Gloss. The anti-static formula of this product which is alcohol and ammonia free helps to clean all the electronic surfaces with ease.

Last but not least Wiz Wash also has the Multi Purpose cleaner with matt shine in Pakistan by name Wiz Multi Purpose Cleaner Matte. The product is solely made for any matte surface. It works like a charm in removing embedded dirt and dust particles from these surfaces. It is also effective for home use to remove the leather surfaces of your sofas.



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