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Top 10 Tallest Cricket Players in the World in Cricket History

Cricket is the game of skills and talent, physique is all which matters in cricket height is not needed in cricket its mostly needed in basketball and volleyball where the normal player is off minimum 6 feet, but here in this sport height is not much needed cricket is one of the oldest game which is very famous in present world, and cricket is seen and played across the whole world.

Not heighted players are needed for batting usually short height players became batsmen and the big ones go for bowling so that they could create extra pace players like Sachin Tendulker whose height is 5.5 much shooter then average players height but he was having talent and skills to create magic on the field. Tall players are very much needed in bowling side and a team could change the match through tall players bowling.

There are few cricketers who are really tall and they played cricket beautifully they are from different part of world but they are famous for their height.

Here is the list of top 10 tallest cricketers in the world 2017.

10. Steven Finn – England, 6′ 6″

Finn is an English left arm bowler but he batting with the right hand he has made his one day international debut against Australia in 2011 his test debut was against Bangladesh in 2010 and from then he is permanent player for English side due to height is 6ft 7 inch he could generate extra pace on a very good surface. He is declaring as tallest cricketers in the world he has stamina and strength to create problems for any good batsman and Steven Finn is regular bowler for his team since childhood he is interested in cricket.


9. Jason holder – West Indian, 6′ 7″

Jason Holder was born on 5 November 1991 in Barbados he is all rounder cricketer and now presenting as captain of West Indies for test and one day international. In 2013 he played his first international one day match against Australia after only two days he signed up for the Chennai Super Kings in IPL with the price of 20000 US dollar. He is ranking as a tallest player in the world due to height if 6 ft 7 inches he is also youngest captain all over the time. He appears in the T20 international matches in 2014 against New Zealand in the same year his debut test was also against New Zealand.


8. Sulieman Benn – West Indian, 6′ 7″

With the height 6 ft 7 inches Sulieman Benn is declared as a tallest cricketer in the world he is left handed West Indies spin bowlers west indies almost all players has very good height but Benn is tallest from them. He bowls form the top angle due to high height his first international match was in 1999, he played 17 test matches and twenty one day international 35 years old this cricketer was born on 22 July 1981 in Saint James Barbados. In 2010 he became first bowler to bowl 2 maiden over’s against Zimbabwe in Twenty 20 international.


7. Tom Moody – Australia, 6′ 7″

Structure of tom Moody is huge and he is former Australian bowler he had played 8 test matches and appeared in 76 one day international matches from the period of 1989 to 1999. His height is 6 ft and 7 inches due to his height his career was over by a back injury he is declared as the tallest Australian cricketer. After taking retirement Moody didn’t say goodbye to cricket he became coach of Sri Lanka from 2005 to 2007 and coached many others currently Tom Moody is a coach of Sunriser’s Hyderabad IPL.


6. Chris Tremlett – England, 6′ 7″

Chris Tremlett is an English former cricketer and one of the tallest players in cricket world; he played his one day international against India in July 2007 and debut in test cricket in June 2005 against Bangladesh. Chris was a 6 ft 7 inches tall fast medium bowler he played his last one day international against Sri Lanka in March 2011. He played 12 test matches and he got 53 wickets he was having pace, and perfect bounce in his bowling he is first English player who is on the list of tallest cricketers who play international cricket.


5. Curtly Ambrose – West Indian, 6′ 7″

Curtly Ambrose is one of the tallest player in cricket world and second west Indian on this list in 1988 he made his debut against Pakistan in Guyana and debut for one day against the same opposition. The height of curtly is 6 ft 7 inch he was right arm fast bowler, after losing semifinal against Australia in 1996 Curtly say good bye to the west Indian cricket and now he is a successful musician now he compose songs instead of throwing dangerous balls, Curtly is the second west Indian player who is on the list of top tallest players in the world.


4. Peter George – Australia, 6′ 8″

Peter George is one of the tallest cricketer who had played international cricket height of this Australian player is 6 ft 8 inches he is twining Bruce Reid and Joel garner. He played one test match in his carrier against India and one day cricket for Australia Peter George played as a right arm fast bowler, he played as an emergency replacement for Pakistan Australia series in 2010. Australian fast bowler had an extra pace with fastest delivery of 140kph he played as a test player for Australia this tallest cricketer was born on 16 October 1986 in Woodville South Australia.


3. Bruce Reid – Australia, 6′ 8″

Bruce Reid is the tallest player in Australian cricket; former Australian left arm bowler is the third tallest player in the world. He has height of 6 ft 8 inches he along with the west Indian fast bowler Joel Garner is sharing same height before the appearance of Mohammad Irfan he was the tallest player who appeared in the history of world cricket he surprisingly took 113 wickets in only 26 test matches with the economy rate of 2.6 he was very promising player of Australia and one of the tallest in international cricketer.


2. Joel Garner – West Indian, 6′ 8″

West Indian player Joel garner is one of the tallest player who has played international cricket with the height of 6 ft 8 inches he is known as the big bird of West Indies. He was a fast bowler and he played from 1977 to 1987 he appeared in 58 test matches and took 259 wickets he became famous when in the world cup of 1979 he took 5 wickets and give only 39 runs. His crushing Yorker was his true strength and one of his spell where he took 5 wk and give only 4 runs became quite popular he is one of the tallest player.


1. Mohammad Irfan – Pakistan, 7′ 1″

Muhammad Irfan has this record to be the tallest cricketer of the world with the height of 7 ft 1 inch he is the Pakistani player belong to eastern Pakistan town of Gaggu Mandi, when he entered in this sport everyone admire him because he is having height at the same time he has great skills and talent to bowl beautifully. He has a plus point of big height and he could create extra magic with the ball in 2010 he made his debut against England then he stand out when Pakistan tour to India in 2012 where he came up with speed of 140 kph now he is the regular bowler of Pakistan as a fast bowler.


Top 10 Tallest Cricketers in the World in Cricket History
Rank Player Name Country Height
1 Mohammad Irfan Pakistan 7′ 1″
2 Joel Garner West Indian 6′ 8″
3 Bruce Reid Australia 6′ 8″
4 Peter George Australia 6′ 8″
5 Curtly Ambrose West Indian 6′ 7″
6 Chris Tremlett England 6′ 7″
7 Tom Moody Australia 6′ 7″
8 Sulieman Benn West Indian 6′ 7″
9 Jason holder West Indian 6′ 7″
10 Steven Finn England 6′ 6″

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