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Top 10 Most Spoken Language In The World 2017

There are almost 6500 languages are spoken in this world and about 2000 of the language are almost extant and are in danger to be expired. Language is the way to express feelings it is a way to communicate with unknown people through your words, expression and words with any language you can be friends with others back in ancient time only few languages were exist with the age cultures are developed and languages are explore every culture and continent had their own language.

Language could play an important role to express anything in this world there are a lot of languages, in this list of top spoken languages are to be made by the native speakers few languages are so pleasant when it’s come to speak a language people who want to learn other cultures language.

Here is the list of top ten most spoken languages in the world 2017.

10. Punjabi

Punjabi language is derived from old Indo Aryan languages Punjabi word means panj-ab water of five major eastern Indus Rivers. it is native language spoken by more than 100 million people rank as most spoken language in the world. Punjabi is mostly spoken by Pakistani people but its third native language in India and written in two different ways known as Gurumukhi and Shahmukhi. Many people settled in Canada so its language is third most spoken native language in Canada. Punjabi Indian and Pakistani songs are also very famous all over the world.


9. French

It’s a language of France and only official most widely spoken language of France French is most romantic language in the world also most spoken language all over the world. French is official language of 29 countries and spoken as a first in France and Canadian provinces like Quebec , new Brunswick, western Switzerland, Monaco, Wallonia in Belgium and many other places. French is international language of commerce, literature, diplomacy, scientific standards of many international organizations which are part of United Nations, European Union, and Olympic committee. 160 million people of the world speak this romantic language.


8. Portuguese

Another most spoken language in the world is Portuguese which is spoken by more than two hundred million people. It’s an official language of countries which are included Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Angola and many others and spoken by almost 260 million in the world it’s also third most Spoken language in the whole world as a native speaker or language. Portuguese language is very famous and also very romantic language in the world. This is a combination of five modern romance languages and spoken by pre roman people almost 2000 years ago.


7. Bengali

Bengali is national and official language of people republic of Bangladesh and one of the 23 official languages of northeastern state of India. It is most spoken language in the world which is spoken by 210 million people around the world and 120 million people communicate with each others with the Bengali language. Bengali language use as a secondary language of Karachi city of Pakistan also include in educational institute at the bachelors and masters degree level. The national anthems of both Bangladesh and India were written in Bengali language by a Rabindranath Tagore.


6. Russian

Russian is language of Russia which is largest country of world with much population that’s why it’s a spoken by so many people and become one of the most spoken languages in the world. Russian also spoken by many countries which include Moldova, Latvia, Ukraine and official language of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia as well estimated as 260 million people all around the world communicate with this language. Russian language is largest native language in Europe and 144 million speakers are in Russia. In 20th century this language was spoken by only upper class and urban populations but now many people speak this language.


5. Hindi

India is second largest country in the world according to its population which is near to 130 crores that is this actually reason Hindi language mostly spoken by many people with the Indian another official language of this country is English. Hindi language is part of Indo-Aryan group with the branch of Indo European language family also widely speaks in Nepal, Fiji, Pakistan and Bhutan. It’s an Indian first language which is spoken by 380 million people, Hindi and Urdu almost same languages but written and vocabulary make a separate from each other’s according to linguistic standards.


4. Arabic

Arabia is widely spoken in Bahrain, Comoros, Chad, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan and other many countries and most spoken language in the world due to speak in many countries. It’s an official language in united state and its also liturgical language of 1.6 billion Muslims, Arabic is language of Quran. It’s a different language of as compare to English and other languages of Europe. Arabic words start with the single constant of vowel it’s not only language use in Arab. It written as right to left without capital letters.


3. Spanish

75% of Spanish language is derived from Latin and part of Ibero-romance group of language. Spanish is one of the six official language in United Nations also used as a official language in European unions, Union of south American nations, Caribbean states and other many organizations. Spanish native language spoken by more than 437 million, in America its spoken by 418 million people because 19 countries in the central and south American speak this Spanish language but it’s difficult language to speak and furnished many words to the English language.


2. English

English is a western Germanic language and most spoken language in the world it speak by the many countries also spoken and learning by billion of people. Sixty percent English derived from Latin and sometimes it’s known as most Latin of Germanic languages, different from other Germanic languages. It is developed before more than 1400 years and changed with the passage of time and many countries around the world speak this language. English is mostly popular in USA, Australia, New Zeeland, UK, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong and many others and speak by 890 million speakers.


1. Chinese

It’s a most spoken language in the world because its language of most highly populated country china which is most developed and organized country. Chinese language speaks by 1.2 billion speakers as their first language but it’s really difficult language to learn with complex tones. This language is Chinese and Taiwan official language also one of four official language of Singapore and one of six official language of United Nation other countries included Canada, Indonesia, and Philippines. Chinese language distributes to near countries with a variety of means.


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