Published On: Thu, Apr 6th, 2017

Top 10 Most Richest Countries in Asia 2017

Asia is immense and diverse continent with different climates, culture, geography, economic execution, and nature of land. Asia is a largest which has 48 countries and most populate continent on the earth with the population of 4.4 billion people.

The entire countries of Asia are different according to area population business sectors, trade, living standard, natural resources, economy and other lot of things some countries has strong and highest economy which make countries wealthy and richest from others. To find the strong economy measure the DGP per capita of all countries this is total production, term and services given by the country.

Mostly Asian richest countries has petroleum reserves like oil and natural gas reserves which make the economy of any country strong as compare to others. Tourism is also strong industry of Asian countries which help to generate a lot of revenue and boost the GDP per capita. GDP per capita is always measured by the International Monetary fund organization.

Here is the list of top 10 richest countries in Asia 2017.

10. Taiwan – GDP per capita: $47790

Officially called republic of china located in East Asia not a member of United Nation consider as advance economies group by the international monetary fund and most populated country with the population of 23 million people area of 13974 sq mi. In last year’s Taiwan economy has increase rapidly in the whole world with GDP per capita of $47790 which makes the world richest economy also increase day by day. Taiwan government has own banks, many products exports and raise day by day, these are the actually main reason of strong economy and richest country in asia.


9. Bahrain – GDP per capita: $50402

Bahrain means two seas and its small Arab country with strong economy and has world largest currency unit. Bahrain petroleum industry most exported products and boost up the 11% GDP per capita of the country and 70% of government revenue. Finance and instruction material also exported by this country, generate a lot of money which is driven by the oil reserves that help to growing rapidly economy of Bahrain with high GDP per capita $50402. Tourism in Bahrain has rapid growth and play precious part to boost up the economy it has a high human development index which is recognized by World Bank.


8. Saudi Arabia – GDP per capita: $54078

Saudi Arabia is officially known as kingdom of Saudi Arabia in western Asia with the total population of 28.7 million. Saudi Arabia has the largest economy in the world with high net GDP per capita $54078 this economy mostly based on oil reserves because it’s larger oil exporter and producer government has strong on oil reserves also on others major activities. Petroliam was produced in 1938 which increase the economy of the country this country second largest oil reserves and 6th largest in gas reserves and generate a lot of revenue and become richest country in asia.


7. Hong Kong – GDP per capita: $58094

Hong Kong is one of the most expensive country in Asia with its own currency, rank in top richest country and strong economical position its high GDP per capita $58094. Hong Kong is beautiful and best location country and many people want to visit due to this major part of income lies on tourism every year. Hong Kong has a separate political, economic system from china and maintains separate legislative and judiciary power also develop foreign state relation of appropriates fields. It’s considered as a major trading hub and become richest country in asia.


6. United Arab Emirates – GDP per capita: $67696

Another Asian richest country is United Arab Emirates with the highest GDP per capita $67696 rank it richest country in asia. It’s a 7th largest country for oil resources generates 30% GDP of and fifth largest for the natural gas resources these make it world richest economy. UAE famous as an industrial hub commercial estate the country industrial tourism also increase and generate a lot of revenue which help to increase the GDP per capita other resources of this wealthy economy dried fish, and dates. USE has rich culture and history and the domestic natural resources all the time that make it wealthier.


5. Kuwait – GDP per capita: $71263

Kuwait is a western Asia country located in north edge of Eastern Arabia and share border with Ira and Saudi Arabia with the small population of 4.2 million bring good jobs and higher living standard. It’s a small petroleum based economy which make it richest country in asia with high GDP per capita $71263 and Kuwaiti dinar has highest value in the world. Kuwait generate money from investment domestic companies also investment in foreign companies and generate higher revenue as compare to domestic. Due to resources of oil Kuwait has a largest economy of the world and became richest in very short period of time.


4. Brunei – GDP per capita: $79710

Brunei is small country but has wealthy economy which is driven by export of crude oil, natural gas resources, and petroleum resources make high GDP and its third largest oil producing country. Brunei produces more money from domestic production and investment in high projects government provide facilities of food, medicine, housing due to richest economy of the country with GDP per capita of $79710 most of the people of Brunei living a high standard and establish life. Brunei ranked as second highest in Southeast Asian Human development index and declares as richest country in asia.


3. Singapore – GDP per capita: $87082

Asian richest country Singapore also called a city of lion and declare as a richest country due to higher GDP per capita $87082. Singapore has a high standard of living, best education system, personal safety, healthcare, and well establish in all necessary field of life also most competitive country in the world. Singapore is third largest foreign exchange market, great financial center, best investment potential, oil refining and trading center, world higher finance transport hub and busiest container port due to these all are resources of Singapore wealth and make this country richest and most advance country in the world.


2. Macau – GDP per capita: $96147

Macau is particular administrative region of the people democratic of china with richest economy in the world because of its high GDP per capita of $96147 and purchasing power parity is greater as compare to other countries according to World Bank. Macau enjoys higher liberty in all areas and their lifestyle, rights, and freedom are not changed from many years and declare as fourth highest life expectancy of the world. Macao economy also boosts through tourism because it’s a beautiful country and well established country and through gambling center 557 percent economy increase due to this center Macau become a richest country in asia.


1. Qatar – GDP per capita: $129726

Qatar is Asian richest country also richest country in the whole world with the GDP per capita $129726 located in Western Asia and Qatar total population is 2.3 million. Petroleum and gas resources are the pillars of Qatar’s economy and 70% of government revenue gained from it, Qatar is considered as the richest country in asia measured by its GDP growth. It’s a high developed country with high level of economy due to natural gas and oil resources and strong economic wealth in Arab world Qatar is considered as a important power and most advanced Arab State.


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