Published On: Mon, May 1st, 2017

Top 10 Most Radioactive Places In The World 2017

The energy which comes from breaking the atom uranium is a radioactive material when human create this suicide material called atom bomb or a nuclear weapon then this happens because these rays are not good for living things.

Humans are exposed to radiation every day, the dirty side of nuclear industry is very dangerous it could ruin everything in this world and due to natural climates and increasing industrial waste which is causing this problem and world is becoming radioactive slowly even now there are places on this beautiful earth where no one could plan a trip to visit that place because those places are highly radioactive and very dangerous.

While back in 2011 earthquake in the surroundings of Fukushima have brought back the threat and danger of radioactive effects of nuclear weapons are very high and at the end of world war just due to these weapons every country want to create nuclear weapons and secure their self from other but in a mean while they forgot that all these weapons could create massive destruction and could cause the end of this world.

Here is the list of top ten most radioactive places in the world 2017.

10. Goias, Brazil

The Goiania accident was occurred in September 1987 and it was a radioactive contamination accident the Brazilian state Goias where from an abandoned hospital two men steel they thought it is a scrap metal. They invite their friends and family to see that glowing blue thing but soon the radiation spared and 4 of those were died and other who handled became sick and about 260 people who were found to have significant level of radioactive material in and on their bodies then authorities step into dispose the metal but until a lot of destruction happens.


9. The Somali Coast

The Somalia waters and coasts are not much protective by the government from 1980s Italian and Swiss companies are throwing nuclear waste into the waters of Somalia and due to the sin of these big fishes it is said that an Italian company has sank more than 30 ships who were filled with nuclear waste, the Somali coast had the radiation level much higher than at any normal place and the effect of these radioactive material have been seen since long time in all the new birth of children’s and common disease of cancer and Somali coast is one of the most radioactive place.


8. Mayak, Russia

In Russia during the built up of cold war Union of Soviet Socialist Republics constructed various nuclear plants and some of them were completed between 1945 and 1948. Then all these plants ignore all the safety measures and release the radioactive material in the Lake Karachay which was used as a good source of water for agricultures and then the water was so toxic and radiation effects the normal life around that area and people were suffering from radiation and a person could die within one hour that water was so dangerous and then in 1957 city has seen world’s worst nuclear tragedy.


7. Sellafield, UK

In United Kingdom sellafield is one of the most radioactive places, and at top of the world most affected places by nuclear rays is was constructed in 1940 to manufacture the plutonium for atomic weapons. Soon the plant was releasing about 8 million liters of toxic material and waste into the sea, due to that all the sea animals were died in large number then in 1957 the site of sellafield were the most worse site as it was in great Britain’s people who were living in surrounding areas were badly affected by the radiation and the cancer disease were common.


6. Mailuu-Suu, Kyrgyzstan

This area was rich in uranium under the surface and due to mining radiation affected the atmosphere; over here radiations were not generated from any toxic material or atomic bomb or nuclear weapon. But mining cause radiation this area of Kyrgyzstan was rich in natural asserts the government started mining for uranium and due to mining over the years a lot of waste was collected and then they just dumped that waste which play the part to radioactive the place people who were living around was highly effected this is most radioactive places in the earth.


5. Hanford, USA

It will take decades to clear the area of Hanford from radiations because this was the big hub of manufacturing plutonium for us nuclear weapons. In 1943 the site was chosen to build the nuclear complex which was also the part of Manhattan Project. Hanford site was providing the massive amount of plutonium to almost 60,000 nuclear weapons of united states but in the production process a lot of radioactive waste was dumped and the area is still having the huge amount of waste which is been seen for decades and causing radiation and cancer to nearby population as well.


4. The Polygon, Kazakhstan

The Polygon, Kazakhstan is another most radioactive place on earth this site was used as the experiments for nuclear weapons in cold war this was specifically for the testing purpose and government deemed it to be uninhabited. Due to the experiments of nuclear weapons the area was highly radioactive and due to radiation almost 200000 people suffer around the areas. People were migrating from that nearby areas and now that place in abandon and not allowed any human activities on the map of this world this place is highly radioactive.


3. Chernobyl, Ukraine

Over 6 million people were affected by the nuclear radiations in April 1986 the infamous Chernobyl Nuclear disaster Power Plant and due to that the threat level was at the peak .The disaster release the radiation almost 400 times more than the radiation causing bombing in Hiroshima, it was the worst site in the history of the nuclear weapon industry. In that time almost 98000 people were died and this unforgettable incident could make a very bad impact on the human history and the effects of this could be seen in coming time as well.


2. Siberian Chemical Combine, Russia

Russian province lie a chemical factory and that factory had storage of almost 4 decades of nuclear weapons and declare as most radioactive places on the earth. Before becoming storage this was used as the production of uranium and plutonium almost 113 kg of solid nuclear material were stored in that factory, but the leakage in containers cause massive problem and which mix with the water and the local community were destroyed and had faced a lot of problems on this radioactive place.


1. Fukushima, Japan

On this planet there is a place in Japan which is the top radioactive place in the whole world due to natural disaster in 2011 tsunami attacked the whole Japan a lot of people have died, thousands became homeless and the flood target Fukushima Nuclear Plant and melted it down a lot of reactors were destroyed and uncontrollable fire releases the radioactive steam and millions liters of contaminated water. It was flood at the same time this was the worst time for Japan to save their people from radiations this incident is at top of the list the most radioactive place on this earth.


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