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Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World 2017

It is in the nature of every person of the world that they want to live in the happy and peaceful places, so peace in any country is measured by Global Peace Index and GPI will absolutely help people before travel in any part of the world.

so in this context, Global Peace Index report from the Institute of Economics and Peace which is able to show the comparative level of peace in 162 countries because they prepare list of 162 countries with their GPI level every year.

They rank countries on the basis of different indicators including absence of war, schooling, relations with neighboring states, contributions in keeping peace level of United Nation, level of violent crime and many others.

So here we have the list of top 10 most peaceful countries in the world 2017.

10: Slovenia
Slovenia is one of the famous European countries as officially known as Republic of Slovenia; state is located in southern Central Europe, country is also bordered with some another beautiful peaceful countries of the world including Austria, Italy and Hungary, it is not a biggest country because covers only 20,273 kilometer square and population is not more than 2.06 million. Country is mostly consist of mountains, greenery and magnificent scenery because it is also richest country of Europe in terms of pure water, therefore peace is all around the country so GPI of this country is 1.408, it also has best income per capita.


9: Japan
One of the most prominent countries of Asia, Japan; it is also called as the land of rising sun, it is island country in the East Asia, Japan is popular in the world due to its machinery and electronics, it is interesting to know that country is stratovolcanic archipelago of 6,852 islands in four largest islands consist of more than 97 % of the total area of Japan. It has more than 126 million populations and only country of the world that stressed on their citizens to increase their population, rate of violent crimes and homicides is very low therefore country has only defense force and no internal military so GPI score of country is 1.395.


8: Canada
Biggest country in the northern part of North America, Canada; according to area, it is second largest country of the world with its great which is 9.98 million square kilometers, this country has largest land border with United States of America, climate is much cold in majority parts of the country. Security of people of the country is always first priority of the Canadian Government therefore crime rate is very low so according to reports, Canada has also more satisfaction score that is 7.6 out of 10, country is also one of the top countries in respect of education therefore unemployment rate is also low which is just above 6 % so GPI score is 1.388.


7: Switzerland
Federal Republic state of Europe, Switzerland is officially known as Swiss Confederation, it has more than 26 cantons and country is located in Western-Central Europe and popular before the world due to its natural beauty and best economy therefore also called as cleanest country. It has total area about 41,285 square kilometers with approximately 8 million population; high quality of food making companies, best education system and very low crime rate make this country prominent before the world, high salary is another factor of low crime rate so GPI score of Switzerland is 1.370, beautiful country also has best healthcare centers.


6: Czech Republic
Czech is also sometimes called as Czechia, this is another European country which is located in Central Europe; country is also bordered by other peaceful countries including Slovakia, Italy Austria and Germany, due to beauty of this country, tourism is an important and main industry of this country. Therefore its capital Prague is most visited city of Europe. So visitors have no worry of any kind of crime and robbery in this country because crime rate is very low and Government has also introduced some healthy policies for the safety of visitors, almost every man of the world wished to live in this country because GPI score of Czech Republic 1.360.


5: Portugal
Portugal is officially known as Portuguese Republic is a European country on the Iberian Peninsula, in Southwestern Europe, it is also called as westernmost country, it has long border of 1,214 kilometers with Spain and according to reports, this is longest continuous border within the European Union. Due to its best security and lowest crime rate; country has climbed nine places to reach on this place, its Capital Lisbon is considered to be most beautiful and peaceful place not only of Portugal but also Europe, country has also best educational and healthcare system therefore GPI is about 1.356.


4: New Zealand
New Zealand is another beautiful country which is located in the southwestern of Pacific Ocean, it is situated just 1500 kilometers away from Australia; Auckland is its most populous city, population of this country is about 4.7 million with total area of 268,021 square kilometers. There is no doubt that this country has low incarceration, friendly relations with neighboring countries and advanced social progress, this country has also strong judiciary system, despite of this state also provided world class healthcare and educational system so citizens are able to get free or low cost health care from Government, GPI score of this country is 1.287.


3: Austria
Austria is officially called as Republic of Austria; this federal republic country is most populated per kilometer, country is also bordered by peacemaking countries including Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Germany, it covers 83,879 square kilometers with maximum population 8.7 million. So this European country is known as best place to live in because it has very low crime rate, despite of these Austria is also one of the richest countries and famous for its clean environment, historical architecture and beautiful scenery of this country attracts millions of tourists so GPI score of Austria is 1.278.


2: Denmark
Officially known as Kingdom of Denmark; Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Europe, country is smallest as well as southernmost of the Nardic countries, this country is also happiest because of least corruption, despite of this; it has also advanced healthcare system, high literacy rate, low crime rate and high standards of living making this beautiful country exceptional in the world. It is also top in gender equality countries because there is strange presence of women in politics and administrative departments; it has not more than 5.7 million population so GPI score of this country is about 1.246.


1: Iceland
Iceland is officially known as Republic of Iceland, country is famous Nordic island country in the North Atlantic Ocean; it covers total area of 103,000 square kilometers with maximum population of just 332,529 inhabitants therefore it is most sparsely populated state of Europe, capital has more than two third of total population of the country. According to GPI, this country is most peaceful since last six continuous years, country has more than 99 % literacy rate because therefore there is no fee for education; healthcare centers, employment rate, gender equality and low crime rate are main features of this country so GPI score of this country is 1.192.


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