Published On: Thu, Apr 20th, 2017

Top 10 Most Luxuries Trains In The World 2017

When it comes to luxury no one in this world who denies it, in this present world there are hundreds of vehicles and so many ways of transport as well every transport vehicle has its own beauty and taste but train is very reliable source of travelling and it’s so peaceful when a trains passes through high mountains to landscapes to deserts to bridges to Greenland’s.

Trains are the most motivate and old travel systems people like to have a journey of trains and luxurious trains are the best way to travel to the beautiful destinations, they assure you to provide excellent services which could ever imagine.

luxury trains are the best way to feel the kings and queens elegance every luxury train has almost every facility which could be enjoyed at ground like restaurants, bars, personal sleeping areas and washrooms with the passage of time trains are also modified and few countries introduced bullet trains through which journey of days could be passed in hours some trains are so lavish and beautiful everyone keen to spend some time in the trains not thinking about the cost and expenses, these trains gives their passengers luxury and amazing services.

So here is the list of ten 10 luxuries trains in the world 2017.

10. The Indian Pacific
If you want to enjoy a journey beyond expectations and want to feel the rich and luxury feeling then Indian pacific is the best train to travel on. This is a great southern train which has route from Sydney to Perth traveling across the broken hills and cook from beautiful landscapes to high populated cities providing the platinum services covers the distance of 2704 miles Indian pacific travel across two oceans so it’s called the Indian pacific. The journey is started from Sydney and all the passengers can enjoy the best food on board, beers and wine are also served in the Queen Adelaide Restaurant.


9. The Transylvanian
Another luxurious train which offered deluxe level services named the Transylvanian this mega train covers a lot of area go across four different countries from Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria to Turkey. Who is travelling through this luxurious train anyone can enjoy the different cultures and traditions when travelling on this beautiful train anyone could also enjoy the view of the heritage, rich culture and beautiful landscape of the region made it like ways in haven. This royal train offering four classes and world class services to its passengers it covers the area of 977 miles and every mile it consume almost $8.

8: Trans Canada Train Adventure
Rocky Mountaineer trains are famous for its luxury and adventures in beautiful lands of Canada these trains are Canadian base trains which are providing gold class services across the region. This train covers the long journey of 2,720 miles in nearly thirteen days from Toronto to van cover passengers could enjoy the luxury of the train with provided services of restaurants and separate rest rooms. Panoramic sceneries and beautiful views of downtown, Yoho National Park and jasper National Park which revels the amazing beauty of Canada this train is the part of luxury club.


7: Palace on Wheels Train
This Indian pacific train is palace itself it named palace on wheels just because it’s so beautiful and furnished like a big grand beautiful palace but not on the land on the wheels. The art displayed in this train says itself it’s the luxurious train the world providing the deluxe services to its passengers this royal train covers the distance of 1372 miles in almost 8 days and stopped on local stations like Raipur, Sawai Madhopur, Chittaurgarh, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and many more. The guests of this train are allowed to visit the local markets the rout of this train starts from Delhi to Agra.


6: Pride of Africa 
Roves rail is another name of this luxury pride of Africa one of the most luxurious and beautiful train of the world with services like royal suits and separates halls, dining areas and rest rooms. The route of this beauty is starts from Pretoria and going through Kimberley and Windhoek, it ends at beautiful town of Swakopmund in nine days the distance of 2,113 mile has been covered .the passengers can enjoy almost every taste of life from American wild west to gigantic Fish River Canyon, Kalahari Desert a lot of other beautiful destinations. The guest also has the opportunity to enjoy the stay at Etosha National Park for one night.


5: The Eastern and Oriental Express
Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are three countries which are the part of this eastern and oriental express route the journey of this train started from f Woodlands, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown, Hua Hin, River Kwai, and ends at Bangkok the total distance of 1,262 miles covered in twelve-days. They provide all the luxuries and platinum services to its passengers the guests of this train can enjoy the stay of two days at Raffles Hotel in Singapore this journey of beautiful old cultures, high hills, rivers, and traditions this eastern oriental express is the name of complete luxury and class.


4. Venice Simplon Orient Express
The Venice Simplon orient express is one of the most beautifully furnished trains in the world it is in the luxurious trains club. This train is owned by Venice Simplon orient express limited and also in the august it organized a trip to Rome, Krakow, Budapest, Stockholm and Istanbul once in a year this is the five star train which has almost every luxury and facility the passengers of this train would not disappointed when they are on this train journey. The decor of this train will remind its passengers of 1920s time there is a shop in this train where anyone can go anytime to buy favorite stuff.


3. Royal Scotsman
This is the name of luxury the royal Scotsman and run by First Scot Rail with the facility of state cabins to its passenger’s cover the total distance of 720 miles this is one of the most expensive train in the world. Highly furnished providing services in Scotland which includes the stations of Ncludes Edinburgh, Dundee, Keith-Boat of Garten, Plock ton, Wemyss Bay and Edinburgh and many more. This could be explored by the passengers of royal Scotsman to increasing the passenger’s ship this train travel in daylight and completed its distance in eight days.


2. Maharaja Express
Maharaja express is the true type of luxury and provide platinum services to its passengers the decor of this train is so elegant and beautiful covers a total distance of 2041 miles. The guests are able to enjoy the glorious views of Taj Mahal, national parks and lakes it completed its distance in seven days trip. this is one of the most luxurious train in the world Maharaja express rails decor is so elegant and beautiful, it provide the top class facilities to its passengers. It is the five star trains which is the complete package of luxury, with restaurants and attach washrooms.


1. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express
Golden eagle is the king in the trains club it is the most expensive and the most beautiful trains in the world it provide the greatest journey of railway from Moscow to Vladivostok and stopped at different stations and passengers can enjoy the stay. It offers the Imperial Suite Cabin and five star facilities to its guests and covers the distance of 6500 miles in fifteen day’s journey everything on this train is just amazing and unforgettable for its passengers. Golden eagle trains Siberian express is the number one in the world the most beautiful and the most luxurious train in the history of railways.


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