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Top 10 Most Famous News Channels In The World 2017

Media play an essential role in this modern world media always help people to stay connected with the world and keep up to date with current affairs and all happening in this modern world.

Then news channel very important for any country for providing and all type of information news channel cover country currents affairs, sports, entertainment, finance events, market, politics issue, talk shows, lifestyles, celebrity related information and other happening all current situations.

Newscaster also very important part of news channel and provide information with unique styles and efficient way. In this modern world lot of news channels introduced and create good reputation but some of them are more famous and get lot of attention from the people some news channels also provide the facility of radio station, online services for their viewers and make channels more favorites for the audience.

So here is the list of top 10 famous news channels in the world 2017.

10. ITN

It is British based channel ITN independent television news with three major division like ITN news, ITN source and ITN production this channel based in London and various offices situated in Beijing, Brussels, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, New York, Paris, Sydney and Washington and on some other places. This news channel introduced in January 1955 it is oldest news channel as compare to others and more famous all over the world with lot of viewers it has ability to cover current affairs and other news efficiently around the globe this channel owned by independent television authority like ITV plc, DMGT, Thomson Reuters and UMB Plc.


9. NDTV India

Hindi news channel NDTV India is very famous all around the world which is launched in 2003 and owned by New Delhi Television Limited chairman of this news channel is Prannoy Roy and managing director his wife Radhika Roy, NDTV founded by both of them. In last year 2016 launched two separate channels known as NDTV India and NDTV Spice in the United Kingdom its gain lot of popularity from the show “the world this week” for Doordarshan this channel also covered various events of current affairs and became one of the best news channel all in world.


8. Al Jazeera

Another famous channel in the world is Al Jazeera which means the Peninsula also called JSC is a Doha Based state funded broadcaster but literally mean the Land this news channel launched in 1 November 1996 and following the BBC’s Arabic Language television station. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa provide finance QAR 500 million to sustain Jazeera for five years because BC disclose this channel in 1997 this world famous channel won many awards like Prince Claus award, Ibn Rushed for freedom of thought , index of Censorship, webby awards and some others.


7. Euro News

This is multilingual news media service available more than 155 countries which is cover sports, currents affairs, financial data, world related events, entertainment news and some other. It provides the facility of mobile application with the name of “Euro news live” it declare as a most famous news channel in the world. It was established in 1st January 1993 owned by Media Globe network related to Naguib Sawiris an Egyptian businessman headquarter located in Lyon France this channel introduced with the aim of cover world news from a pan European founded by ten different European public broadcasters.


6. Al- Arabiya News

This world famous news channel Al-Arabiya was launched in 3 March 2003 owned by MBC group situated in Arab State with the language of Arabic, English, Persian and Urdu it has the headquarter which is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is more popular in Middle East this news channel cover the program which are related to sports, current affairs, business market, finance, talk shows, documentaries and many more managed by the Adel Al Toraifi because he is general manager of this world famous channel with the lot of viewers.


5. MSNBC News

This name comes from Microsoft and NBC it was started in 1996 by the NBC universal it provide the facility of all news coverage and political commentary on current events. In this channel Microsoft provide 50% shares and paid 221 million US dollar but after some time Microsoft finished all share currently it famous with the name of NBC universal this news channel headquarter situated in New York. The other related channels like CNBC, CNBC World, NBC, E!, NBCSN and some others they are also called sister channels this famous channel broadcasted in various countries like US, Canada, Europe, Africa, and middle east.


4. Sky News

Kingdom it provide news on television, online and on mobile devices all the time. It was launched in 1989 by the John Ryley is the head of this famous news channel of sky news since June 2006 this channel also operate joint ventures like sky news Australia and sky news Arabia also provide services of national and international radio news to commercial radio station in the United Kingdom. It consist of 600 behind the screen staff member and 50 on screen staff member work and made this channel more famous around the globe.


3. CNN News

Cable news network is very famous and best news channel in the world it is American basic cable and satellite television news which is owned by Turner broadcasting system division of time Warner. It was initially start from 1980 by American media proprietor Ted Turner for 24 hour cable news channel it became first TV channel that provide 24 hours services and first all news channel in United States. Headquarter situated in CNN center Atlanta Georgia its cover major events of challenger disaster, baby Jessica rescue, Gulf war , September 11 attacks, 2008 US election, 2012 & 2016 US election and many other major events.


2. Fox News

Fox news channel another best news channel in the world it was established by Rupert Murdoch he is current Chairman and CEO of fox news in October 7 1996 mostly seen by 25 to 55 ages of people it is located in United State. This channel owned by fox entertainment group this channel introduced Fox news radio in 2003 all over the United States they also provide online services like foxbusiness.com, Foxnews.com all video and current affairs news available on these websites in 2008 they introduced live streaming segment on websites views by lot of people.


1. BBC News world

One of the most top news channels is BBC stand for British Broadcasting Corporation which is very famous all over the world with millions of viewers. It was establish in 1926 by the John Reith headquarter located in London United Kingdom BBC news is oldest and biggest constitution globally with the 3500 staff members its annual budget exceed 350 Million. Largest newsroom located in Europe current affairs always discuss in effective way this channel play important role in news world no other channel compete this in any way it provide radio, TV, online services with different type of languages.


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