Published On: Wed, Apr 26th, 2017

Top 10 Most Expensive Makeup Brands In The World 2017

Women always want to look perfect from others they love to be most attractive in the society by wearing the sumptuous cloths modern outfit especially by the using of cosmetics products. Makeup is a necessary part of women life whether they are celebrities and a common woman and considered as most sold products all over the world according to report 100 billion dollar women use for the buying of cosmetics products that is really huge amount but they always spend lot of money.

In this modern world men also use the cosmetics products and spend lot of money. There are many cosmetic brands in the market which provide the high quality products for the customers and fulfill the customer’s requirement with efficient way, they introduced all type of products and charged high cost due to expensive ingredients, luxury and good quality of products some of them mostly used by the professional artist and celebrities.

Here is the list of top 10 most expensive makeup brands in the world 2017.

10. Elezbeth Arden Inc
Elizabeth Arden Inc cosmetic company initially founded by the Elizabeth Arden in 1910 but in the 2016 company fully owned subsidiary of Revlon Company Elizabeth Arden was the first women who make a place at the front page of Time magazine. Largest American company which includes cosmetic, skin care and fragrances is very famous in the world and ranking as a most expensive makeup brand in the world. It more precise in mascara and lipsticks products but also produce other best beauty product which highly satisfied the customers demand all over the world.


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9. Smashbox
This luxury and most expensive brand Smashbox was established by the two brothers Dean and Davis in Culver City in the photo studio of Smashbox studio 1996. They work with all type of makeup products but especially focus on eye products, Lipsticks and oil free products, this brand is mostly used by the celebrities and artists. It is very easy to use with fine look, it ranking as a most expensive makeup brand in the world with lot of users due to high and great quality products unique oil properties use in these products that make it costly.


8. NU Skin
American multilevel marketing company considered as a most expensive makeup brand in the world it was founded in 1984 in Provo, Utah which developed and sells high quality products of cosmetics, and start in foreign business in Canada in 1990. This company sells 200 personal care products for all age of customers with the focus of quality products and contains lot of anti oxidation also very popular brand of cosmetics globally. This company brand is established in more than 50 countries with the 1.2 million independent distributors make this brand very effective and beneficial for the customers.


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7. Estee Lauder
In 1946 Estee Lauder and her husband Joseph Lauder start manufacturing the makeup product in the city of New York but firstly introduced four products cleansing oil, skin lotion, super rich crème which is used for all issues of skin, and crème pack now it’s become a most famous and expensive brand in the world with high quality products. In 1960 company start its first international store in London department store Harrods and then produce the grooming and fragrance product for the men and it was the first company who produce the products of men.


6. Oriflame
Most popular and expensive brand of makeup in the world due to high quality and reliable product it was established by the two brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick and sell direct in more than 60 countries and 3.6 million independent consultant which make the sale annually 1.5 million they work as commission agents also . This company starts in 1967 in Sweden with the corporate offices in Switzerland with high quality product in the world and experience of 40 years. It provides innovative and creative makeup products that beneficial for the skin care all the time.


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5. Mac
Under the ownership of Makeup artist Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo Mac cosmetics introduced in Toronto in 1984 this company headquarter found in new York City and turn part of Estee Lauder companies in 1988, MAC is abbreviation of make-up Art Cosmetics. This brand especially designed for the professional makeup artists they introduced skin care product that’s make a complexion very beautiful without makeup this is also most expensive brand in the world due to quality & reliability of the products and offer every product of makeup like lipstick, linear, nail paints, all type of foundation and others.


4. Artistry
Artistry was introduced in 1968 as a product of skin care with the Nutrilite brand and manufactured by the Access business Group and marketed by Amway in many countries including Korea, Japan, Italy, China, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Norway, and others. It’s a award winning brand, in 2008 it win the International Package design awards for the best luxury skin care Prestige category also win Ameristar 2007 due to essential skincare line and make this brand more precious and valuable all around the globe with very high cost of these good qualities product.


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3. L’Oreal
Very famous and largest makeup company of France headquartered in Clichy, Hauts Seine with the registered office in Paris. It offer all type of products like hair colors, skin care, sun protection, perfumes hair care with dermatology, toxicology, and biopharmaceutical research field to boom the product of brand with strong goodwill globally and it’s considered as most expensive brand in the world also part of Euro stoxx 50 stock market index. Record breaking net worth of this most valuable brand is about 13.69 billion Dollars according to UK based consultancy Royalty Relief methodology they produce good quality products.


2. Mary Kay
Another most expensive and exclusive makeup brand in the world is Mary Kay it was introduced in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash, this is American privately owned direct sale company and this is 6th largest direct selling company globally in 2015 with the worth 3.7 billion US Dollar, headquarter situated in Addison Texas. They spend lot of money on their consultant which are Recruiting & Retail sale in training also have well trained makeup artist who also work as a best sale brokers and fulfill and need & requirements of customers with modern technology.


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1. Chanel
One of the top most expensive makeup brand and famous all around the globe is channel due to best quality and luxury product and fulfill the customers demand efficiently one no compete this luxury brand in all aspects, it also offer the other fashion accessories’ like bags, shoes, cloth etc with the worth of 6.3 billion. It is oldest brand was established in 1909 by the founder of Alain and Gerard Wertheimer headquarter in France Paris large number of employees work with this company. The fashion designer Coco Chanel also provides women preference for elegance in dress, jewelry of simple and royal design especially for the model and actresses.


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