Published On: Tue, Apr 18th, 2017

Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands In The World 2017

Jewelry has become a part of fashion and a social status in mankind. Women feel incomplete without jewelry. Now these days many jewelry brands are in the world. The history of jewelry is very old go back to many years, thousands of years ancients culture use jewelry for denoting social and wealth status in the Society, however the sign of jewelry first time came from the people of Africa.

In old days women use only big earring and after changing the time in present people use small and show of jewelry on the body. The jewelry making idea is come from the Europe and Middle East people in 3000 to 5000 year ago. In start people using silver jewelry after some time people use gold and many other precious metals such as platinum, diamonds and etc. Celebrities use most expensive, luxury and branded jewelry. People using jewelry for many reasons to express and beautiful look.

Here the list of top 10 most expensive jewelry brand in the world 2017.

1. Dior

Dior is one of the top most expensive and luxury brand in the world 2017. Dior is French Jewelry brand founded in 1980 and this brand is the sign of the fashion in the world. Jewelry of this brand is looking good and appealing; women use this brand jewelry in fashion shows and parties. Dior is nominated for various awards. Dior is belong to diplomatic family and her family want to become a diplomat but Dior wish is involving in art, so the name of Dior in art professions is a best and great designer.


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2. Tiffany & Co

Tiffany and Company is another top and expensive brand, this brand established in 1837 also known as fashion house. Tiffany is American brand and famous in worldwide for verity of jewelry which wearable in numerous oceans. Tiffany is making good and expensive jewelry for women and men even for the children. There products people like very much and love this brand jewelry. The main office this brand in New York. Tiffany and company introduced many artesian in the fashion industry. Many stores of this company are available in all the world.


3. Mikimoto

They are making gorgeous and graceful jewelry in silver and gold. All oceans jewelry provides Mikimoto for men women and children a well. Mikimoto is Japanese and known as expensive brand in the world, it is founded in 1858 by Mikimoto Kokichi. This brand is introduced first cultured pearl and Mikimoto is awarded in 1985 for pearl cultivation. His brand is focusing on the beauty and the good looks jewelry and brand of jewelry is unique and classical and two stones paired in it. Mikimoto do not compromise with the quality and quantity of the jewelry.


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4. Cartier

There is no doubt Cartier is known as the most expensive brand in the world in jewelry. Cartier has long and rich history in the field of making best and perfect jewelry. This brand is founded in 1847 and the founder of this brand is Louis Francois Cartier but the company still under the family control till 1964. This is a French and luxury brand. The worldwide revenue of this company in 2015 up to 6 billion dollars. This company also making a men and women watches perfumes and leather goods.


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5. Buccellati

Buccellati is Italian Jewelry brand which is known her unique and best style. This is the most popular expensive and famous brand in world. This brand started work in 1919 an introducing roman style jewelry and sign of a pride because its brand jewelry is much expensive. Sliver gold and platinum product which made this company is very famous in the world. Making Silver and Gold combination which is very expansive all over the world. When this brand launched its first jewelry which is very popular in people and people going attached with this company.


6. Piaget

Piaget is in the list of most expensive and unique style brand in the world, mostly this brand is more popular in Middle East. The business man George Piaget is starting this company making for luxury watches but after some years he is converted in this company in Jewelry brand in 1874. Piaget is a Swiss Jewelry brand and specialist of this company is making good luxury jewelry. In 2001 this company is construct a new building in Switzer land where they grow up the 40 profession in the field of Jewelry and Watch making.


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7. Chopard

Chopard is another Swiss brand and counted as a very expensive in the world. The cost this brand single pearl is £30000 and nickels cost is £70000. This brand is offers the well known and the masterpiece collection of the Jewelry to making the world best designer. The company use in jewelry real Gemstones, Gold, Silver and Diamond these things play a major role in to advertising and which make to most expensive this company. The main headquarter of this company Geneva Switzerland. In 2013 above to 800 million$ revenue reached this company.


8. Harry Winston

In the business of jewelry the name of Harry Winston is very famous and most expensive brand in the world. This brand is making Bracelet rings and other Jewelry items. Many Celebrities using this brand jewelry want to look stylish and outfit in the front of other celebrities. This brand is founded in 1896 by an American Jeweler Harry Winston the family of Harry Winston is immigrated to USA from Ukraine her father is small jeweler. Harry Winston is American based brand and very famous in all around the world. Harry Winston brand is making the unique, old appeal looks jewelry for men and women.


9. Graff

Graff is well known in the jewelry especially in making of diamond jewelry. The Graff diamond jewelry is most expensive and a very famous in the entire world. Graff brand have many brand and franchises in all over the world some branches in famous cites such as New York, London, Paris and many others in these earn millions of dollars every day. Graff is British base jeweler brand which is found in 1960 in UK, London. The Founder name of this owner is Laurence Graff who is small business man in UK.


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10. Bvlgari

Bvlgari is a luxury and most expensive brand in the jewelry business work is very notable for luxury fashion items and a Household such perfumes luxury watches and jewelry. Bvlgari comes later but it is very famous in many years. This use 18 karat gold in her jewelry items. This company was founded in 1884 by Sotirios Voulgaris it’s an Italian based company. The headquarter of the Bvlgari is in Rome, Italy. In this company 3150 employees works, the operating income of this company is €85.3 million and the profit of this company is €38.0 million.


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