Published On: Sat, Apr 22nd, 2017

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels In The World 2017

When it come to visit a place then surely anyone wanted to booked finest living place in that country the place should be luxuries’ and peaceful hotel play a significant role for the enjoyment and journey as well.

Hotel is well establishment and well designed place where people stay which provide the higher quality beds, kitchen facilities, dresser, television and other basic services but larger and most expensive hotels provides many additional services like sport places, swimming pools, gym, relaxing areas, private kitchen facilities even with chef, and other countless services but highly charged and only billionaire can afford these luxuries hotels.

A person could feel the lavish life style when staying in the beautiful and expensive hotels, in this world 5 stars or seven star hotels are something to watch out for. Hotels procedure vary in size, function, features, and cost and some hotel provide full royal life style with very high cost.

Here is the list of top 10 most expensive hotels in the world 2017.

10. Ritz- Carlton (US $26300)

Stay in Ritz- Carlton could be memorable for the visitors because its beautiful and peaceful resort with lot of features and services also this resort is most expensive hotel in the world in United State to Asia and United Kingdom to Arab countries with the charges of US 26300 dollars per night. Ritz- Carlton largest hotel in Tokyo it has 248 rooms with many features specially Japan most expensive Presidential suites its tallest building and structure in Tokyo. It has own unique stories in desirable destination all over the world also has club level lounge for a relaxation and conversation.


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9. Hotel Plaza Athenee (US $27000)

Hotel plaza Athenee is one of the most expensive hotels in the world it is situated on Avenue Montaigne near the Champs Elysees and Eiffel tower this luxury hotel in Paris and has five lavish restaurants and bars. Costing per dreamy night US $27000 with the feature of three luxuries bedrooms, television and mirrors huge in size, royal club lounge, unlock art a steam rooms it’s just example of Royal living standard for honorable guests. Hotel Athenee has a business center for the international business traveler, provides all the facilities and services which are required efficiently and smoothly.



8. Hotel Cala Di Volpe (US $32750)

Hotel Cala Di Volpe is another most expensive hotel in the world located in the province of Sassari in the north Sardinia designed by the Jacques Couelle. It contain three airy and colorful luxury bedrooms, fitness area, swimming pool, free parking, suites and separate sitting areas, flat TV screen, WI-FI. Siridian influences décor rooms with private balconies and terraces sea views make the very pleasant and memorable place for the honorable guests. Other lot of services include like kid’s clubs, tennis court, private beach, bars, three restaurants but its so expensive cost of one night stay about US $32750.


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7. Grand Resort Lagonissi (US $35000)

Grand resort Lagonissi located in shore and on a peninsula by the Saronic Gulf it is most expensive area in Attica prefecture also provides the facilities of cafeterias, bars, restaurants and many more. Its covering 72 acres of residential appealing with stunning and attractive sea view rooms, luxury suites, beautiful seafront and private villas only billionaire can afford this lavish grand resort Lagonissi. One of the most expensive resorts in the history of world with high living standard and tourist has loved these lavish styles this resort located at finest destination.


6. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Resort (US $35450)

Another luxury and most expensive hotel in the world is Hugh Hefner Sky Villa with the charge of US 35450 dollars located in most popular place of America city Nevada also entertainment capital of the world. It’s a special and popular destination for the Hollywood actors, celebrities, business celebrities, because it afford by billionaire. It was developed in 1999 by the Maloof family during the Fiesta hotel casino expansion and opened on November 15 2001. Last year Station Casinos purchase this expensive hotel with the price of 313 million dollars.


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5. Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez (US $37500)

This luxury and world expensive hotel founded by Emmanuel Michele Martinez son of Baron Giovanni in 1927 the hotel was sold out in 2012 by Hyatt chain and renamed as Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez. The grand hotel contain masters bedrooms according to need, private terraces with beautiful views, separate dinning living rooms, work area with large desk, mini bar, its located on the edge of Mediterranean sea with beautiful sight. Sea front hotel also discover the amazing neighborhood of Cannes admire yachts and fisherman on the side of this Grand Hyatt hotel which make it wonderful. One night stay cast of this grand hotel is almost US 37500 dollars.


4. Laucala Island Resort (US $40000)

Owner of this most expensive resort is Red bull billionaire Dietrick Mateschitz this is Small Island situated in Laucala Island of Fiji total land area of 12 square Kilometers. One of the most expensive resort in the world with the one night cost of US 40000 dollars only billionaire tourists afford this expensive hotel. Lacuala provide tennis court, sport fishing, yoga, swimming pool, honorable guest also enjoy the horse riding, golf and beautiful views in this luxury hotel. By London’s Lynne hunt visitors can enjoy the outdoor showers, pool, and stylish natural furnishings.


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3. Raj Palace Hotel (US $43000)

Raj palace hotel is more than two and half century old most expensive hotel in Asia also most expensive hotel in the world, it is managed by the flagship company also run Mining and information technology industries. Raj hotel received many awards for the best hotel in the world also for good services it featured with six bedrooms, library, private theater, private kitchen staff, gym, bar, private pool, astrology room, and many other services. Rooms are offers at the price of US 43000 dollar per night with the royal life style. Museum suites are also created which make it best accommodation in the world.


2. TY Warner Penthouse, Four Season Hotel (US $45000)

Four season hotel per night cost is US 45000 dollars located in New York and rank as a most expensive hotel in the world this is one of the best hotel for spend a peaceful time and business deals. It designed with modern art quality by architects I M Pei and Frank Williams completed in 1993. This hotel sold in 1999 TY Warner purchased this property and changed the designed by peter Marino the crown jewel of New York tallest, classy and stylish. Four season hotel offer a royal and high living standard with multiple luxuries bedrooms, glass balconies, and floor to roof beautiful window which give the 360 degree view of Manhattan.


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1. Hotel President Wilson (US $65000)

Hotel President Wilson situated in most beautiful country also one of the richest countries in the world Geneva Switzerland with the name of 28th president of united state Woodrow Wilson built in 1962. Wilson hotel provide exclusive services which are truly memorable features of an indoor swimming pool, golf course, luxuries bedrooms with marble washroom and many more. One night cost is US 65000 dollars not affordable for everyone but due to lavish life style of this hotel many people want to stay at least one night. It does also provide private staff, chef, personal assistant and done services according to requirements.


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