Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017

Top 10 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands in the World 2017

Cigarettes are used all over the world and are accessible in many varieties; it is estimated that cigarettes are the most used product all around the globe that about 50 million people only in The USA are enthusiastic to them. So there are large number of companies that are making cigarettes in the world and have huge businesses in which they are earning billions of dollars therefore they are involved in making of all types of cigarettes and products related to them as well.

As cigarette is totally ban in the public places in about 110 countries in the world but this is been most used in the China, India, USA, Russia, Indonesia and many other countries; despite of cigarette is much harmful for the health, this is widely used all around the world.

So here we have list of top 10 most expensive cigarette brands in the world 2017.

10: Marlboro

Marlboro is unanimously used cigarette brand all over the world; they are in general associated with the men, but it is interesting to know that, they were mainly introduced in the world for women; Marlboro brand was launched in this world in 1924. This brand is owned by Philip Morris so they have different varieties and flavors in them for people with different taste which are available for the people; Marlboro has also sponsored some most important events in the world like Formula 1 race, so they also sustain different teams like Ferrari, McLaren and many others so price of one pack of this brand is about $1.6.


9: Davidoff

Davidoff is a famous Swiss brand that is owned by the Imperial Tobacco Company so this is used all around the world; they have large number of varieties of cigarettes that also vary in their prices like supreme, mild, Menthol, Classic, and gold as well. So Davidoff is well thought-out as the luxurious brand in cigarettes, and its products are best in excellence and presentation as well; it also has particular cigarette line known as Zino, which is luxurious and expensive as well; despite of this, company is also producing some special kind of cigars that have particular flavors.


8: Camel

Camel is an international brand because this is much produced in American so this was introduced in the world in 1913; as the cigarettes of this brand are very different because they have a assorted taste of Virginian and Turkish tobacco that makes them exceptional and has high requirement in the world. Their packing is also very eye-catching and graphically attractive; despite of this, their advertisement campaigns are also very interesting for the people of all the smokers of the world; so the price of its packet with ten cigarettes comes up with the high price tag of $1.35.


7: Parliament

Parliament is another famous cigarette brand that was introduced in this world in 1931 but it was also marketed by the Philip Morris; they are very prominent and demanded in the world because of their light aroma and unique taste as well therefore they have low tear content in them which makes them special and loved by the smokers. They have different kinds of cigarettes and packets of this cigarette are also accessible in different sizes that make them suitable for the people to purchase according to their budget but price of this cigarette is according to taste and flavor, the price of $1.35 which has 10 cigarettes in the pack.


6: Dunhill

Dunhill cigarette brand is best one in the different taste which was introduced in the world by Hunter Thompson and John; it is considered as the finest cigarette available all around the globe, Dunhill was produced by the prominent British American Tobacco company that is famous for making deluxe cigarettes and are accessible in the world. It has huge varieties of cigarettes with large number of levels of tar and nicotine; so the price of their pack with 10 cigarettes in them is $1.40 which is little costly than others which is according to flavors and taste of this cigarette.


5: Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike is another best and prominent American brand which was introduced in the world in 1871 but then in 1905 this brand was purchased by the American Tobacco company; Lucky Strike is the brand which is illustrious for their necessary element that is roasted tobacco. Their one product is very famous and triumphant all over the world that is pre-rolled filtered cigarettes which are very just popular and used in the whole United States of America; so a single pack of these cigarettes can charge more than $1.40 in the whole globe due to best and filtered material used in this cigarette.


4: Pall Mall

Pall Mall is another luxurious brand which is made by R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company and it was first introduced in the whole USA; this brand came in this world in 1899 therefore it is considered as the first premium cigarette all around the globe. Their taste is much more different than that of all brands, long lasting and has level taste as well; they have a large range of varieties which comes in many colors like black, red, orange, green and white; so the price of their each pack with 10 cigarettes in them is almost $1.45, the most important that packing is very luxurious and attractive for the people to purchase them.


3: Benson & Hedges

Benson & Hedges is luxurious and best prominent English brand which is famous in the world for its uncontaminated Virginian tobacco; this popular brand is owned by also Philip Morris International Company of Japan tobacco therefore it is operating in all over the world. Benson & Hedges has different flavors in it which are silver, white, and gold as well so the price of its solitary pack with just 10 cigarettes is almost $1.50 which is expensive than some brands operating in the globe so price of this brand is just according to its material used.


2: Gold Flake

Gold Flake is a very popular brand in the world as because everyone is conscious of its name as because brand is much famous in India and Pakistan; it is a brand that is Indian because it is owned by the ITC limited company; their cigarettes are very special in taste because these are made from the yellow tobacco and are additional improved with honey drops which give best taste for its lovers. It also has large varieties in it like gold flake kings, Gold flake kings’ night, and many more; so the price of this original cigarette is almost $1.50; more about, it is also one of the oldest cigarette brands operating in the world.


1: Insignia

Insignia is very high class and famous cigarette brand in the world as it is the brand that is owned by ITC Limited of India; their cigarettes in the world are the most excellent in terms of superiority, quality, taste and their packing is also very good-looking. It is called as the new born because it was first introduced in 2003 in Mumbai, and it gained popularity all around the world very quickly; Insignia has the best standard in terms of their cigarette with its material and has the most popular one as well; so he price of this 10 cigarettes pack is almost $1.60.


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