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Top 10 Most Expensive Burgers In The World 2017

Food is the substance which provides nutritional strength to a living body humans are finding food through two methods from the age’s one method is hunting and other is agriculture. Today’s modern and thickly populated world need more food and that requirement could only fulfilled by food factories which are making organic food, specially junk food which is very famous in new generations burgers, pizzas, fries, are the most favorites.

When it comes to burgers everybody’s first love and in this modern fast and advanced world no one has time to cook food and then eat now a days just walk to the restaurants or food franchises and grab a burger with favorites sauces and drinks.

From $1 to $666 burgers are available in various tastes and prices, there is one burger which is the most expensive in the whole world anybody can eat 666 burgers which has cost only one dollar and at the other end a burger with the price tag of $666.

So here is the list of top 10 most expensive burgers in the world.

10. The Fleurburger – $75 dollar

Idea of this burger by the Hubert Keller originally and represent in his restaurant of Las Vegas Fleur de Lys this is best celebrity restaurants with good atmosphere, price of this burger actually $75 dollar but when this paired with wine this price unbelievably very high which is $5000 dollar. This burger make of Kobe beef wrapped with foie Gras & black truffle trim with different type of sauces fries are also included that made it more delicious and tasty for the burger lovers and this costly burger served on a brioche truffle bun.


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9. McGuire’s Grand Burger – $100 dollar

This one is the expensive in this list but served in Pensacola’s McGuire Irish Pub, Florida, it had great taste and the items which add flavor and luxury vibes are perfect char-grilled and served with merlot sauce, with vegetables and special thin fries which makes this burger an amazing looking dish and also $100 burger is something could be eaten on a date. In Florida people like to eat this expensive burger which is been served at specific locations but to feel the luxurious taste of this burger people go and eat this burger.


8. Indonesia’s Million Rupiah Hamburger- $110 dollar

This Indonesian hamburger is one of the most expensive burger in the world with the price of $110 Dollar which is served in the four season hotel in Jakarta. In the taste fusion of east and west which is made with the Japanese Kobe beef homemade onion wheat bun, Italian Portobello mushrooms and increasing the taste of this hamburger use of wasabi mayonnaise is the secrete of taste making this pricy burger. This burger is served Asian pear and French Foie Gras plus and French fries and a glass of wine.


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7. The DB Royale double Truffle Burger – $120 dollar

DB Royale Double Truffle Burger is the New York based burger which is served in bistro and one of the famous in the most expensive list of burgers. The price of one double truffle burger is $120 the ingredients of this amazing tasty burger are red wine-braised short ribs, preserved black truffle with amazing mix of root vegetables and served with chilies sauce and homemade special ketchup. It is also one of the big burger in the world with high price tag which makes its place in the most expensive burgers list.


6. The Tri-Beef Burger – $125 dollar

This is a true hardworking and worth money giving burger and one of the most expensive burger in the world as well the blending of different cuts of meat to make a tasty fried piece. The cuts which are used in blending are Sirlion, Chuck, Skirt Steak, Short Rib, Flap Meat, Hanger Steak, Brisket, OX-Tail, blend all these cuts of meat through this it was discovered that beef has four different flavors. The particular ratio of all these cutes make a perfect fried steak and salad leaf or monies which add the heaven taste to this expensive burger served with French fries and a chilled drink.


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5. The X-burger – $160 dollar

Another most expensive burger is The X burger which is represented by the Australian Chef Ciaran Hickey mostly found in Seoul Korea this burger is also very delicious and tasty everyone want to eat at least one time in a life but this is really costly with the price of $160 dollar and ranked as a world expensive burger. It made with Wagyu beef, shaved black truffle, seared foie Gras and garnished with the tomato’s, grilled onion, Asparagus, and mushrooms also use different type of sauces that make it superb tasty burger, fries and extra cheese also served with this yummy burger.


4. The Richard Nouveau Burger – $175 dollar

It start making in the year of 2008 but with short period of time it get fame all around the globe and ranking as a most expensive burger in the world with the huge price of $175 dollar but it’s very tasty and liked by the people. Initially it was represented in New York City at wall street Shoppe restaurants and made with ingredients of Kobe beef with black truffle, foie Gras, Gruyere cheese, wild mushrooms and flake of gold leaf, not affordable for every one due to high price but everyone want to eat this world expensive burger.


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3. The burger king – $186 dollar

The burger king is one of the most expensive burger in the world, burger king is the American based food chain it was established in 1953 as instaburger but due to bad advertisement or stuff like that soon this chain was in pretty bad conditions was suffering loss and they change their patterns and advertising the instaburger with the new name of burger king. They establish their food chains in the whole world and the burger specialist is quite famous due to its quality and taste it is said that this is the king of all burgers, with amazing taste and quality the founder of this expensive burger was Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns.


2. Le Burger Extravagant – $295 dollar

Le burger extravagant is a fancy name itself, its seems anything start with le is the name of luxury one of the most expensive taste in the world is le burger, this is the most expensive hamburger in new York it could be ordered 24 hours. The ingredients which makes this most amazing burger is Japanese beef with white butter, and cover with hand formed cheese and topped with fried egg and black truffles which makes it delicious and taste full of life le burger extravagant is the tastiest most delicious most expensive and most served burger.


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1. The Douche burger – $666 dollar

Top most expensive and popular burger is the Douche burger food truck available with the huge cost of $666 and idea created by the Fran Aliquo in the city of New York that is really big amount for common person and they can’t afford. This burger made with the Kobe beef patty role in gold leaf, Caviar, lobster, truffle, gruyere cheese, malted with champagne steam, sauce of kopi Luwak barbecue and salt of Himalayan rock that thing make this burger extra expensive but more delicious with different taste in all aspect from other world expensive burger.


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