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Top 10 Most Expensive Buildings In The World 2017

Building is a structure of roof and wall constructed by man with the help of machine shelters are humans first need back in stone age they lived in caves because their they were safe, with the passage of time and advancement in the technology the buildings became bigger and better.

In this modern world man has done wonders in the making of new techniques and designing the high and tallest buildings in the whole world, not only the sky touching buildings but they had given the world class facilities and luxuries.

Today this modern world is recognized by the modern architecture and designs and important part of this modern world is most expensive and luxurious buildings, the expensive and biggest structures are true wonders which enhance the beauty of the world tall and amazing buildings are like beautiful painting on the big canvas of this galaxy.

Here is the list of top 10 most expensive Buildings in the world 2017.

10. Venetian Macau – 2.40 billion

Las vagas sends is the owner of venetian Macau this is one of the most expensive casino and hotel in the world, world largest casino with 3300 suites and 5 stars facilities this one makes its place in the most expensive buildings in the world with the cost of 2.40 billion USD. This Venetian Macau is one of the most beautiful designs by HKS and Aedas joint architecture, it was completed in 2009 and was open in 28 August 2009. The Venetian is 39 story luxury hotel it is the largest single structured building in Asia it has indoor arena with the capacity of 15000 seats which is commonly used for boxing, tennis and concerts.


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9. Antilla – 2.53 billion

Mukesh Ambani is the owner of Antilla a dream home for him, it is said that he saw a dream in which he saw this structure and then this billionaire make it possible, with the cost of 2.53 billion USD, two stories are fixed for parking and 600 employees are serving with in Antilla. The structure of Antilla is like books are being putted one by one based on 27 story building with 5 star facilities and one of the most expensive residence in the world, it is considered as the second most expensive place in the world after the great Buckingham Palace Chicago based Architecture design this building and it was completed in 2010.


8. WYNN Resort – 2.70 billion

In the beautiful city of Las Vages this resort is one of the favorite place of tourists, WYNN resort is the sixth largest hotel in the world with 4750 rooms in which private suites and luxurious apartments are included, this 5 star hotel is the symbol of luxury, on the location of this amazing hotel there are various restaurants, clubs, and shopping areas which the guests could enjoy while staying at the WYNN resort. Considering the most expensive resort which is made with the cost of 2.70 billion dollars this resort was fully operational after its opening in December 2008.almost 17000 employees are working with this gigantic resort.


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7. World Trade Center – 3.80 billion

This amazing building is one of the tallest buildings in the world the structure and design of world trade center it was opened in November 2004 with the cost of $3.80 Billion and developed by the cooperation of Tishman contraction and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey under supervision WSP Cantor Seinuk as engineer. It declare as a fourth tallest building in the modern world with 104 stories it is literally touching the sky, this amazing building was attached by the hijackers with airplanes this sad incident was occurred on 11 September 2001,but later on this was rebuilt and a symbol of courage in the whole world.


6. Emirates Palace – 3.90 billion

This luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates which contain 394 residences and offer lavish hospitality rooms are furnished with gold and marble. This amazing palace was open in 2005 but few facilities like food places were open in 2006.emirates palace is consist of 394 residential rooms in which about 92 are amazing and luxurious suites, and the total cost of emirates palace is about 3 billion USD in this planet earth this is the second most expensive hotel, this is the high class hotel with 5 stars facilities along with private beach and displaying the beautiful culture of Arab.


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5. Cosmopolitan – $3.90 billion

Another most expensive building in the world with the total cost of $3.90 billion dollar which is owned by the Blackstone group face many financial issue since its completion and this lavishness building designed by the Fried mutter group. Features of this expensive resort include 3000 rooms, clubs, fitness center, big theater, meeting places it has also famous restaurants like Blue ribbon Bar & Grill, Costas Spiliadis Estiatorio Milos, China Poblano, the Henry and Jaleo. Its property announced in 2004 and opened in December 2010 only in 6 years it became best and top hotel in the world.


4. Sentosa Resorts World – $4.93 billion

This stunning and eye catching construction construct and designed by the Malaysian conglomerate Genting group with the cost of huge amount 4.93 billion dollar attractive feature of this resort are adventure Cove water park, universal studios, S.E.A Aquarium and many other attractive features and like exhibition centers, hotel, entertainments, retailers became world expensive building in the world. It was opened publicly on 23rd June 2010 after the almost three years record time completion Marine Life Park and Maritime Experimental museum opened in 2012 this resort is 200 meters above from the floor.


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3. Marina Bay Resort – $5.5 billion

55 story building is opened in 2010 in Singapore under the ownership of Las Vegas Sands crops with the feature of world longest 150 meters swimming pool, two theaters, Art science museum, seven luxury restaurants 2571 attractive bed rooms and night club as well it is designed by the US based Moshe Safdie. It is also most expensive building in the world with the net worth of 5.5 billion US dollar its annual profit is about 1 billion dollars it looks eye catching and stunning views. The gardens of this resort very wonderful with 250 trees 650 plants that make it more beautiful and attractive.


2. Abraj Al Bait – $15 billion

Abraj Al Bait is world tallest and expensive hotel building in the world which is located and seen from the world biggest mosque Masjid al – Haram, it has 601 meters height, floor area about 1500000 with the capacity of adjust 100000 people and cost of this building is $ 15 billion. This building also known as Makkah Royal Clock tower which is designed by the Lebanon based Dar Al- Handasah architectural group it was open in 2012 after eight years of completion and became world expensive building also received great attention from visitors.


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1. Hajj Mosque – $100 billion

This Scared mosque is also called Masjid al-Haram is largest mosque in the world surrounds’ the holy place of Kabba in the city of Mecca Saudi Arabia. It’s the world top greatest place where Muslim gather ever year and perform Hajj and Salat its very pleasant and peaceful in the entire world and used for common direction for Muslims to pray and Salat every Muslim want to go to this world best place at least one time in the life. Hajj mosque is very expensive place and building with the worth of more than 100 billion US dollar and declares one of the top most expensive buildings in the world.


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