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Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In The World 2017

In going days world looks not a safe place for man as science put development faster and many new things introduced by scientists some are useful and some are taking lives of people because of the miss use.

Weapons of different and new technologies are taking man life’s rapidly as well as there are some most dangerous countries in the world where the life of people is not safe even in their homes, all time they just praying for the good time so the threat of losing their life’s become less some are very dangerous countries as there are no space for their life respect many countries facing crimes of different types as street crime, robbery, where’s some countries facing terrorism in going days this is the most dangerous situation of the world as the global environment also effected by such cases as boom blasts and excide use off other powers. Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In The World 2017 are listed down.

10: Libya
Libya is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Egypt to the east Sudan to the southwest, Chad and Niger to the south Libya is the rich country from oil and it had a great history as well going day its name is in the most dangerous countries list as because of things are not going in the right way for them people are not save their killing ration is increasing as many people died in there as Libya remained under the foreign rule after the discovery of oil the condition became great on spot after that some wrong decision of rulers made their life tough and put them self on back and till now they are going back instead of coming forward people want to leave but they has no right to do so the Libya in present is on number ten in the list of top 10 most dangerous countries of the world.


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9: Sudan
Sudan is a country on Northern Africa bordered with Egypt to the North, the Red Sea, Eritrea and Ethiopia to the east, South Sudan to the south Sudan is one of the largest country of the Africa first there was only one Sudan after some time in 2011 the people of the northern side voted and show their desire to be separate from south Sudan, it case many problem for both parts and condition became bad and Sudan came most dangerous countries in the world all because of the wrong decision taken by the political leaders of the country people of both sides are struggling still now and try to defend them from Aruban fighting on different case done and many innocent people died and other still waiting for their turn as there is nothing to do so list of 10 most dangerous countries rank Sudan on nine number.


8: Ukraine
Ukraine is a sovereign state in Eastern Europe boarded by Russia to the east and northeast Belarus to the northwest Poland and Slovakia to the west, Hungary, Romania and Moldova to the side of southwest, is on the eight number in the list of most dangerous countries in the world as people are killed there on regularly base because of the fight between Ukraine with Russia heavy artillery and rockets are hit near the residence of the country people of eastern Ukraine on last Tuesday also fight is still going between the government troops and Russia backed separatist rebels, leaving at least eight people dead and dozen life is gone tough there a lot everyone is afraid because of the situation going these days.


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7: Central African Republic
Central African Republic is a country which is located in Central Africa, it is a richest country in diamonds, gold but unfortunately people of the country are poorest condition is getting bad for the country since from 2013 when Muslim rebels from the Seleka umbrella group seized power in the majority Christian country in 2013 the Turmoil as rival Muslim and Christian fighters are accused of killing one another political condition was not so good from the start day as there was no one capable to rule on country and provide rights to the people in 2014 president Michel Djotodia coup leader who headed the Seleka coalition left his seat and Catherine Samba Panza take charge as leader and in 2016 also leader change take place in such condition fights all our country held which made enjoyment dangerous as the country is in the list of the top 10 Most dangerous countries in the world.


6: Yemen
Yemen is an Arab country in western Asia, it is a home country of the Sabaeans also a trading state that flourished for over a thousand years, there is tensions still present from the day Yemen came on World map between north and south there was also war done in 1994 after which many things remained controlled political situation is not so good as Saudi Arabia is supported by ex-president Ali AbdAllah people of Yemen are in problems and they wish to move somewhere else but could not do anything like that with every new day something new happening in the parliament of Yemen bombs attack also done in Yemen through which many people died there and all other in great tension so according to the situation Yemen is at the 6 number in Top 10 list of most dangerous countries of the world.


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5: Somalia
Somalia is a country located in the Horn of Africa bordered by Ethiopia to the west and Djibouti to the northwest people are in very bad condition of the country as there are very nothing to do for people mostly people are uneducated country is held on map in 1980 from a former British protectorate and an Italian colony Somalia collapsed, in 2011 the condition started to be better than for the country people as they are living there life’s on agriculture field they hardly living their life’s are on number five position in the list of the top 10 dangerous countries in the world Al Qaeda involve there also which made their life’s difficult as they case threats to others and other in saving their countries attack on Somalia.


4: Afghanistan
Afghanistan is the Islamic state situated in South Asia and Central Asia with a great number of population thirty-two million through that it became the forty second most famous countries of the world, currently situation is not good of the country as there is a lot of terrorists present now days and also they attacking different counties includes US and US fighting against them for terrorism people life’s are not save their they are not even save in their homes working graph came down as there are nothing to do as the situation is critical all time so people always look afraid many of the people of Afghanistan also living in Pakistan from a long time period but now days government asking them to move back and sale all their properties of them in Pakistan as there is a threat to Pakistan from them.


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3: Iraq
Iraq is a country in Western Asia its boarder touches with Turkey of the north and also with Iran to the East; country is still busy in present to defend its self from countries who want to take charge on their country land in 2008 fight started against US which is still going these days new president of US also ban the people of Iraq t travel USA as they thought it’s a threat country form them as many things happens and still happening there in 2008 Iraq signed the US and Iraq Status agreement in which they sure that the fore of US go from the Iraq land half of them left country on 30 June 2009 and fully left on 31 of December 2011 president condition is not so good for Iraq people so the country is put on number three in the list of most dangerous countries of the world.


2: South Sudan
South Sudan is a landlocked country in northeastern Africa that gained its Independence from Sudan in 2011 with capital Juba and it is also a largest city of the country going days country is in bad positions there was a war which started from December of 2013 made it in 10 most dangerous countries of the world, South Sudan is the most desire country in Africa where more than sixty major ethnic groups lives, the country get independence on 9 of July in 2011 but it all look just saying things as the war of 2013 which remained till 2015 killed many country people as well also gave a great loss to the newly develop country, because of all these conditions country is at number 2 in the list of dangerous countries of the world.


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1: Syria
Syria is known as Syria Arab Republic is a country in Western Asia with border touch with Lebanon and also with Mediterranean sea to the west, it is the country with high mountains and deserts of long lands the currently situation of the country is not good people of Syria are dying since 2011 political power turning condition bad to bad as the president Bashar al Assad fight a lot to save his country after the protests against his rule, in 2000 the president Assad dies after his death son Bashar control the charge in 2005 Syrian forces withdraw from Lebanon under International pressure, after that in 2011 condition of country became more dangerous as Syria is on top of the list of Most dangerous countries of world as there are no respect of life’s of people.


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