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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World 2017

Earth is just like heaven and everyone want to live in peaceful countries and cities. Every cities have their own administration, legal, history, utilities, housing etc. Every country has many cities with natural beauty, historical places, museums, park, rivers, lakes and lot of thing that make the countries more beautiful and attract the foreigners.

But now a day’s some cities has no justice, security, poor government system, that things creates lot of problems, crimes and unhappy life. Some famous and largest cities face criminal activities and people became low spirited, tensed and want to move in another peaceful cities where they spend a pleasant time. Violence increase day by day, murders rate also high now a day and make the cities more dangerous. Some beautiful and charming cities lost their beauties due to crimes as well as lose the visitors.

So here is the list of top 10 most dangerous cities in the world 2017.

10: Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town is a beautiful and most visited city of South Africa also famous city for its Harbors, cape point, and Table Mountain. As Cape Town is one of the best multicultural cities in the world but scorn of these its most dangerous city in the world due to robberies, muggings, murders etc. long street, center city, train areas and Bo-Kaap of cape town are more dangerous, common areas for crimes all the time. Drug activities and gang related violence are rapidly moving to drug trafficking, no police control on these type on gang because police officers are crooked.


9: Baghdad, Iraq
Baghdad is city of Iraq and second largest city of western Asia after Iran with the populations of more than eight million. As a UN inter Agency Information people of Baghdad are very poor that’s why kidnappings are rising day by day. They face a many problem and crimes are very common in Baghdad, Iraq like smuggling’s, murders, bombs blots, targeted killing and lot of other issue. Many people moved to another places because it’s so most dangerous city in the world. Iraqi politics are young and don’t know how to reduce the problem of this city, terrorism also major issue of Iraq that make this city so dangerous.


8: Caracas, Venezuela
Caracas is very important city of Venezuela but declare most dangerous city in the world. Governments authorities are corrupt enough, no police control on criminals, law of this city also very poor because many of crimes remain unpunished or unsolved. Caracas is culture of corruption, robbery, murders, kidnappings, theft, and lack of state authority. Drug trade also illegal and dangerous issue in this city they export large amount of drug in others cities like Colombia, united state and Europe with the help of upper authorities. Murder rate is increase every day because lack of police control and very dangerous for the visitors.


7: Karachi, Pakistan
Karachi is largest city of Pakistan and capital of Sindh province with the population of 23 million this city also called “city of lights”. Karachi is also most dangerous city of world because of target killings, corruption, ransom for kidnappings and lot of other reasons. Street crime also rises in Karachi city important thing is that children involve in this crime. Although crimes decrease and control by the Pakistan rangers as compare to previous years murder rate also decrease by rangers but still it declare as a dangerous city of Pakistan and in the world.


6: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Guatemala is also known as Guate located in south central part of the country with high pollution also face a lot of issues. Guatemala City supply massive amount of drugs every year in other countries. Like many other countries or cities this city suffers with lot of crimes like murders, kidnapping, political issues and many others. Police not play a vital and not very effective so crimes are increasing many reports of crimes having no meaning. Guatemala also faces a pollution issue even healthy people face Asthma and cough. Guatemala is dangerous and unsafe city in the world.


5: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Ciudad Juarez is another dangerous city of Mexico it is only one country has two cities more dangerous in the world. From last twenty years crimes increase rapidly drugs also major business of this city like Acapulco. Many people especially women kidnapping rape are so common is the Ciudad Juarez that make this city more dangerous. Governments and police try to decrease the crimes rate from the city, crime reduction has prompt more business in the city but due to murders and drugs activities it’s still more dangerous and also reduces the visitors.


4: San Pedro Sula, Honduras
San Pedro Sula is located in northwest corner of the country in the Sulla Valley and capital of Honduras and famous for the beautiful but crimes lost this beauty and make it more dangerous city of the world. This city called murder capital of the world because murder rate is much higher as compare to other cities and countries. Crime level increase in this city from last three years, like corruption, robberies, home broken and thing stolen, dealing drug, theft and many other crimes. Untrained police officers with limited resources can’t control the crime and murder rate because of these reasons this city most dangerous in the world.


3: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city of Brazil and 6th largest in America. It’s beautiful city for the visitors. But now declare most dangerous city of the world and face a lot of issues and crimes. Rio de Janeiro Brazil has high rates of violent crimes, like murders and robberies that make it so dangerous. Corruption is a serious problem and important part of the politic, violence gang also very dangerous they attack on official building and done illegal business like drug trafficking and many others make this city dangerous and unsafe in the world.


2: Acapulco, Mexico
Acapulco is the largest in the state also has Mexico largest beach which is much beautiful and attractive and many other eye catching places as well as this city is so dangerous and violent in the world. One of the major hubs of drug cocaine heroin smuggling part of this city Acapulco and kidnapping is also local business for the local owners. Acapulco murders rate high in this city some visitors are also being targeted so that is most dangerous city is the world. Criminals mostly targeted the crowded places, hotels, resorts and kill the People visitors became less due to unsafe places and crimes.


1: Kabul, Afghanistan
Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and it is largest city of eastern section some people know that Afghanistan was world peaceful city and most attractive for the visitors but problem start when Russian chum over took and today it become most dangerous city of the world no one want to go to Kabul Afghanistan. Taliban create many problems and have strong power which is involve in many criminal, illegal activities. Many soldiers of US are in Afghanistan that also makes this city more dangerous city in the world. Contract killing, money laundering, black marketing, corruption are major crime of the Kabul city.


Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World 2017
Rank City Country
1 Kabul Afghanistan
2 Acapulco Mexico
3 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
4 San Pedro Sula Honduras
5 Ciudad Juarez Mexico
6 Guatemala City Guatemala
7 Karachi Pakistan
8 Caracas Venezuela
9 Baghdad Iraq
10 Cape Town South Africa

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