Published On: Wed, Jan 18th, 2017

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World 2017

There are immense numbers of cities in the world, as every city is different from others and has its own area of expertise and specialties; some are mammoth, some cites are safe, as well as some are most expansive therefore there are large number of millionaires exits there.

Among the cities transversely the world, some cities are most gorgeous and are more enjoyable to visit, if people are premeditated to visit the most beautiful cities in the world as a trip for their vocation and still not able to reach any termination on where to go, then this is the post is specially for those people, so these cities and their enormous places have no match with of the other countries in the world.

So here we have list of top 10 most beautiful cities in the world 2017.

10: Shanghai
Shanghai is loveliest and considered to be largest city in China in concerned to large population so the population of Shanghai city is about 23,720,111, China has progressed and developed a lot in current few years but as compared to whole country, Shanghai city is playing major role for the progress of China because Shanghai is the center of trade. Shanghai has huge number of tallest buildings in the world and these buildings have been constructed with exceptional structural design work, despite of this, there are many traveler points in Shanghai China that are being visited by many of visitors every year.


9: Tokyo
Tokyo is Asian city which is situated in Japan which is one of the major country with respect to technology around the globe, the active population of city is very huge as more than 13,186,533; as it is shocking to hear that during the war the half of city was complete smashed but later on it was re-established very well by the government. It is also the city where many giant building are being established, despite huge population, Tokyo, Japan is considered most gorgeous and fascinated city of the world as city is totally rely on the import and export.


8: Bern
There is no doubt in the cleanliness and about the natural beauty of the loveliest Switzerland; country is perhaps only country in the world which Allah has sanctified a lot and Bern city is also one of cities of the region, according to the reports that the population of Bern was 131554. As it is the small city in Switzerland but has many beautiful points or views which are visited by the tourists of the world every year in great range, Bern city is entirely covered with mountains and the weather of this beautiful city is usually stayed cool.


7: Chicago
Chicago is another most gorgeous city in the world but majorly from United States of America, city was founded in 1833, the inhabitants of Chicago are about 2,715,965, it is another most clean city in the world, there are a lot of buildings in this city and every building is beautiful to each other because of excellent designer work. As it is interesting to know that there are about 19 buildings in Chicago which has altitude of more than 200 meters in which 3 are including in top 20 tallest buildings, Chicago is considered the center of Baseball because many players of USA belong to Chicago.


6: Minneapolis
Minneapolis is the biggest city of USA, the expected population of Minneapolis is 410,939 according to the survey which was taken few days earlier; the city of Minneapolis was established by the John H. Stevens and Franklin Steele, Minneapolis is located at the side of Mississippi river. The population of Minneapolis is very large but despite of this the environment and atmosphere of this city is very clean and hygienic, so there are many fascinated places in Minneapolis such as, Guthrie Theater, Sculpture Garden, Walker Art Center Mill City Museum and as well as Lake Calhoun.


5: Auckland
Auckland has much fame not only in New Zealand but also all over the world, the estimated population of Auckland is 1,418, 333; according to reports, there are many prominent places in Auckland for tourists attraction, therefore it is considered as one of the best places in the world to spend holidays. The people of Auckland have also been found so polite and nice; another best thing about the city is that Auckland is the city of having most numbers of educational institutions in New Zealand, as talk about the temperature of the city which is neither too hot nor too cold but very pleasant.


4: Calgary
Calgary is the city of Canada which was recognized in 1875, it is one of the major cities of the country so estimated population of Calgary is 1,149,655 according to recent survey, Calgary has been established the cleanest city in the world so the city Calgary is located stuck between the long mountains and Savanna of Canada. It is place which attracts largest amount of tourist every year because there are many tourists places exist are in Calgary; furthermore sewages, traffic and environmental system perhaps doesn’t competition in the any other city of world, in addition to this, it has also excellent educational system.


3: Adelaide
Adelaide is the capital and major loveliest city of South Australia despite of this, one of largest city in the Australia; Adelaide has been affirmed the most live able city of the world and this title is being sustained since 2011; the environment of Adelaide is so nice and clean. It is also one of the cities the cities of great education system in the world therefore numerous international students come here for sack of study purposes, according to the history, Adelaide was made or established in 1836 and the area of it is 1826.9 kilometer square; it has also large number of employment opportunities with lot of beautiful places.


2: Paris
Paris is always in this list because of its major natural beauty, as it is interesting to know that city has most population than that of any other city of the country but despite of this called as most beautiful and cleanest region of the country, so there are about 22 divisions which covered the area about 2844.4 square kilometers. Paris is also prominent before the world for Eiffel Tower which was constructed about 130 years ago in 1889; there are massive numbers of beautiful parks and garden in Paris which has attraction therefore large quantity of tourists visit this city every year.


1: Venice
Venice is declared as the most diplomatic and peaceful city of the world, It is the city of Italy and the population of Venice is moderate which is 264,279 that is decreased as compared to last few years; the area of Venice is about 414.57 kilometer square, there is a canal which has big part to call Venice the most stunning city of the world. Most of people use boats for transportation because major part of the country is covered with water; the beautiful architecture and design work is done to make buildings in the Venice city, so people of this city are always in happy and jolly mood.


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