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Top 10 list of Smallest Countries in the World 2017

Country differentiate the people according to culture, religion, languages, life style and lot of other thing country also mean an area of land that has its own army and government. There are almost 200 countries in the world some of them are biggest and some are smallest it measure by the area not difficult to find are of any country.

Some countries are very small due to sea and mostly smallest countries consist in European, Caribbean and the pacific with the area of less than 350 km sq some of them has very rich and greatest economy all around the world. These countries mostly depend on tourist industry because smallest countries also very beautiful and attractive for the visitors. These world smallest countries have their own government laws & regulation, culture without any involvement of other big countries.

Here is the list of top 10 smallest countries in the world 2017.

10. Grenada

Grenada is also known as Island of Spice due to producing of nutmeg and mace crops and considered as a world largest exporter and located on northwest of Trinidad and Tobago. Its total size is 344 km sq with the population of 110000 that’s why declare as world’s smallest country. This country gained independence on 7 February 1974 under Eric Gairy and he was first Prime Minister of this country and it is full of beautiful places culture favorite tourist destination mostly economy depend of tourism industry all the time, cricket is their favorite sport.


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9. Malta

Southern European Island country located in Mediterranean Sea and its mixture of Three Island which are named as Comino, Malta, Gozo. This country is a popular tourism address with lovely climate, historical monuments, rich culture, eye-catching and beautiful beaches, nightlife, seven Megalithic Temples these are all factors which attract the many visitors every year also make this economy strong and wealthy. It ranked as smallest country in the world due to less area and population, total area of this country is 316 km sq with the population of 450000.


8. Maldivas

This is very beautiful and attractive country many people visit every year this Asian country located in Indian Ocean, situated in Arabian sea and famous as a king Island it also ranked as a smallest country in the world with the population of 393,253 and area is 298 km sq. Maldivas name deduct from the Malayalam word Maala and dweepu they people are called Dhivehin. Maldivas is a member of United Nations, the organization of Islamic cooperation and Non Aligned Movement it has an upper middle economy according to World Bank with the fishing and tourism industry.


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7. Saint Kitts and Nevis

This country also known as the federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis located in Leeward Island chain of the Lesser Antilles and considered one of the smallest countries in the world according to area and population both. This country full of natural beauty, warm water, white sandy beaches, sunny skies make is more and more beautiful and eye catching visitor’s point of view, it’s also famous for the cultivation of sugar cane and export large amount of sugar in other countries. Total area of this country is 261 km sq with the population of almost 55000.


6. Marshall Island

Republic of Marshall Islands located near equator in the Pacific Ocean geographically it’s a land of larger group of Micronesia and smallest country in the world with total population near to 55000 and area about 175 km sq. This world’s smallest country economy consists on natural resources fishing, tourism, agriculture, handicraft and has wealthy enough economy they use United State dollar as a currency. English and Marshallese are official languages of Marshall Island, one third population of this country following the united church of Christ, and other following the Assemblies of God.


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5. San Marino

This country mostly covered by the Italy most Serene Republic of San Marino and governed by the Constitution of San Marino also most developed European region. It has a wealthy and richest economy due to industry, finance, services and tourism GDP per capita is greatest and unemployment rate is very low in this country. It is considered as a smallest country in the world with the population of 33562 and area about 61 km sq all the members of Council of Europe, vehicles are more than country population. More than three million visitors visit this beautiful country and this industry dominates the economy of San Marino.


4. Tuvalu

It is known as Ellice Islands located in Pacific Oceans between Hawii and Australia and considered as a world smallest country with the area of 26 km sq and population about 10000 this country has only one hospital due to world’s smallest country. It gained independence in the year of 1978 under British rule & government this region not attract the many tourist because not easy to reach this place but it is beautiful and finest place for the visitors. This smallest country has no political party only 15 parliament members selected by every four years Prime Minister Enele Sosene Sopoaga selected by the MPs.


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3. Nauru

Oval shape pleasant island in Southwestern Pacific Ocean located 21 Km South of the Equator with the population of 10084 and declare as a smallest country in the world and President is Baron Waqa. At least 3000 years ago it was populated by the Micronesians and Polynesians, in 1798 John Fearn British Sea Capitan was first western visitor of Nauru he said this is pleasant Island but now no trend of tourism here. Unemployment badly increase in this world smallest country only 10% population employed, during 1960 to 1970 GDP per capita was highest.


2. Monaco

Very beautiful world’s smallest country and thickly populated country Monaco attracts by the many visitors in the world located in Western Europe on the French Riviera area of this country is 2.02 km sq and population about 38000. No tax apply on Monaco residents that’s why it considered as a richest country almost 30% of its population become millionaires, it covers the three sides by France Monaco uses the currency of euro one side cover by Mediterranean sea and official language is French. Most famous game of this country is Formula 1 race which has been start from 1929.


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1. Vatican

Vatican ranked as one of the top smallest country in the world according to area and population because total area of 110 acres and population about just 842. This is very beautiful and attractive country as a tourist point of view and strong source of income, another source of country income is a world biggest Church Holy Sea. This smallest country have their own banking system, radio station, tale communication system, strong economy also import and export commodities without taxes. Vatican country is very colorful and controversial also famous for the home art in the world.


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