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Top 10 List of Most Populous Countries In The World 2017

According to a current report prepared by United Nations, population of human on this earth is predictable more than 9.6 billion by 2050 which is the enormous rise in the global populace; in addition, the report also revealed that it would be more than 10.9 billion at the end of 21st century. It is experiential that the majority of this population increase will take place in the poor and least developed countries having the lowest income per capita.

The Sub-Saharan African areas are expected to have the huge rise in their inhabitants; so in the countries like Nigeria, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, women are still giving birth to at least 5 to 6 children in their family while on the other hand in the richest and developed countries having the stable and good economies..

So here we have list of top 10 most populous countries in the world 2017.

10: Japan

Japan is one of the important countries in the world with respect to the development and technology therefore it is in largest exporters of electronics in the world; Japan is located in the east most of Asia so it is called as the Land of rising Sun. it is much interesting to know that the population of this country is much less as compare to last six years which is possible just because of education, despite of this, Japan is one of the richest countries in Asia as its income per capita is more than 34 thousands dollar and population is about 126,950,000.


9: Russia

Russia has also great importance on the earth as it is largest producer of weapons all the world therefore called as the super power; despite of this, Russia is also leading constituent of Soviet Union, as country is also rich in oil and gas resources therefore Russia is rich in mineral and energy resources. Due to large production of arms, country is also permanent member of Security Council of United Nation so according to recent reports population of the country is about 146,727,405; it is called as the land of urbanization because more than 74% of the total population lives in urban area of the country.


8: Bangladesh

Another important country of the world which is separated from Pakistan in 1971; this country is not much bigger in area which is about 56,977 sq mi but has largest part in the population of the country; it has been considered next eleventh economy having momentous human and social growth since independence in 1971. Country made well progressed in every field but prominent in education, industry, agriculture and also health, Bangladesh is also member of SAARC countries as so population of the country is 161,621,000 which includes 87% of Muslims, 12% Hindus and 1% of other religions.


7: Nigeria

Nigeria is the federal constitutional republic in West Africa Nigeria but often called as Giant of Africa, country is also famous country for largest economy but more important for population because this country has more than 180 million population; so country has one sixth of total population in Africa. As it is interesting to know that country is including more population of youth, country has large number of cultures and languages used in Nigeria so country has also majority of Muslims; according to recent reports population of this country is about 186,987,000 so despite of large population, country is also making progress in industry.


6: Pakistan

Pakistan is an important and one of the largest countries in South Asia; it is Sovereign country in South Asia that has large number of cultures because country contains 4 provinces and Federal areas of Islamabad, 7 agencies including Fata, Pata areas. Country is making great progress in many fields because it has leading progressive in economy, which has average industrialized economy with a well succeeded agricultural sector because Pakistan is largest producer of Sugar cane, Wheat and Rice. Pakistan is member of SAARC and only Islamic country which is nuclear power so population of the country is about 195,128,000.


5: Brazil

Brazil is another biggest country of both Latin America as well as South America as country has also largest area of 3,287,597 sq mi so country us considered as most populous country in the world because it is mega diverse nation that has diverse wildlife, variety of ecological systems, unique environmental heritage, extensive natural possessions and vast tropical forest. So population of the country is about 206,848,000; as country has gained much prominence by football despite of this, country is also called as emerging world power so population of the country is increasing with high rate.


4: Indonesia

Indonesia is the leading Islamic country, a sovereign state in Southeast Asia; it is also most populous country in the world with total population more than 255 million, as this country is considered as home of hundred of resident cultural and linguistic groups while largest politically power ethnic group is Javanese. Despite of enormous residents in the world, country is also rich with mineral resources therefore known as steady country in assessment of all other countries of Asia, on the way of becoming stronger in income per capita but still there is poverty in the country.


3: United States

United States is known as Federal Republic of United States that is consist of 50 States, it has five major territories as well as a federal district among other property situated in central of North America between Mexico and Canada; due to most States, this country has population more than 323 million in which multi cultural nations passing their lives with comfort. The leader in scientific study as well as technological Innovations, United States is also one of the international apprehension and influential nation that is known as super power of world so country has prominent cultural force, largest urbanization country with 81 % inhabitants; so population is about 325,178,000.


2: India

India is one of the largest countries not of South Asia but also of the world which has covered area about 1,269,346 sq mi; instead of area, India has 2nd largest populated in world which is just above than 1.27 billion; India is trying its best to lift its economy and also succeeded up to some extent but due to largest residents poverty is also more in this country; the Federal Constitutional republic has more than 29 states as well as 7 Union Territories which has multilingual, multi ethnic society and also pluralistic which is making it most diverse nation in the world so population of the country is about 1,309,420,000.


1: China

China is most developed and progressive country in case of agriculture, electronics, and industry as well as most developed in population which is more than 1.38 billion, so it also covers great area which is 9.6 million square miles. country is largest army, also largest economy, nuclear power, considered as regional power in Asia therefore known as potential super power of Asia; it is also largest importer as well as exporter of the Universe, despite of large population, country proved to be powerful and stable; in this country there is only one child policy is working therefore growth rate of population of country is just 0.47 %.


Top 10 List of Most Populous Countries In The World 2017
Rank Country
1 China
2 India
3 United States
4 Indonesia
5 Brazil
6 Pakistan
7 Nigeria
8 Bangladesh
9 Russia
10 Japan

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