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Top 10 List of Most Expensive Laptop In The World 2017

World is now a global village and technology has vast impact on the modern day facilities, technology is the collection of skills, process, invention and method which is used in the production of goods or services to create something new and better from the previous one. In 1622 William Ought red invented 1st computer abacus that was the short of this amazing invention which makes this world connected.

Then it’s come to super computer invented by Seymour Cray and with the every passing day technology enhancing and new whole computer is in your pocket you can use while travelling. In 1988 the compac computer launched the first laptop PC with VGA graphic and world became more powerful and global.
In this world now there are so many companies who are manufacturing the laptops and creating new and cool features to enhance their production also selling power.

The world by 2017 laptops is replacing desktops everywhere. Some of the laptops have everything a person can over ask for. Now they are adding expensive woods and metals. These metals adding the beauty and providing the beautiful surface of the laptop.

here is the list of top 10 most expensive laptop in the world 2017.

10: Lenovo Thinkpad W540 ($2300)

Lenovo think pad W50 is most expensive laptop in the world. This laptop produces by the Lenovo with great configuration display of think pad and good feature as well. It is excellent all around the performance and very comfortable keyboard. It has the potential capacity of up to 16 GB of RAM.

The display 15-inches with good specification like 500 GB at 7200 RPM SATA hard drive, multi burner combo drive Microsoft window 7 professional 6-bit, and Lenovo finger print reader, 1year warranty for the parts. Weight of this laptop about 5.45 ponds and so easy to carry. The price of this good laptop is $2300.


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9: Acer Ferrari 1100 Laptop ($3000)

Acer ferrari laptop is most expensive but very stylish and pretty in different colors like yellow gray and black with Ferrari stamp. Some feature make this laptop special like 128-bit ATI graphics, a 4:3 ratio 15-inch LCD screen excellent keyboard , an ample 60-gig hard drive, 2.3 –GHZ AMD processor, 4GB RAM, 1.3 pixels webcam. Weight of this stylish laptop is only 4.4 pound. The sound quality is also very excellent.

Acer produces this most expensive laptop the price of this stylish and unique laptop is $3000.


8: Alienware 18 ($3600)

This laptop very expensive because of record breaking performance, comfortable keyboard, good lighting effect and very attractive display. It is also one of the best laptop for watching videos and game lovers like you are in theater this screen is so massive. It has powerful RAM, speaker and processors and more attractive due to best configuration like 4 GB RAM a750GB 7200-rpm hard drive and dual Nvidia GTX 765M graphics on SLI with GB of memory.

It produces by Alien ware and the price of this stylish laptop is $3600.


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7: Dell Mobile Precision M6800 ($3800)

IT admin introduce the Dell precision optimizer using (SSCM) system centre configuration manager. This optimizer is available in English Japan Germany Chinese Spanish and some others. It automatically control and secure setting and work in the background.

It is most powerful computer and also provides the 3D facility . No viruses issue face in this stunning laptop and sound system is also very strong. This price is not so high according to their features, Its produce by the Dell and price is $3800.


6: Stealth Macbook Pro By Corporate ($6000)

This is most expensive laptop in all over the world. Mac notebook introduce p3 color which makes 25% more colors, But main color is green and reds. This laptop configured with 8gb of DDR3 Ram,8x super driver ,256 GBSSD, and display 15-inches. It has only one color which is black and also available with very light weight. This laptop has very limited addition due to so high rate that’s why not affordable for everyone. This beautiful laptop released in 2009 and produced by the Apple. The price of this stylish laptop is $6000.


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5: Voodoo Envy 171 ($6500)

Voodoo Envy 171 is also most expensive laptop in the world. This beautiful and world expensive laptop produces by the Voodoo. This is large in size as compare to other laptops 17-inches display with other feature 2.93 GHZ of DDR 2 memory, standard window XP NiVidia Ge-force, Go 7950 video chip of 512MB graphics memory Bluetooth and 802 11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and many more features. It is thinnest laptop ever. It has also most interesting accessory is the power adopter. It available in 24 colors and it has 14 tattoos. The price of this precious laptop is so high which is $6500.


4: Ego For Bentley ($20000)

Ego for Bentley laptop produced by the Bentley company  as this company also king of luxury cars. It is very famous and expensive brand. Frame of this pretty laptop made of white gold and it’s available in 10 different colors. Specification of this stylish and beautiful laptop is 64-bit version of Microsoft vista ultimate, 160 GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM. It just look like a pretty handbag but easy to carry and give beautiful feel. It has also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi services to connect with loved one.6.9 carat to mind and 18 carat white gold used in this world expensive and unique laptop and its price is $20000.


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3: Macbook Pro 24 Carat Gold ($30000)

Mac book pro 24 carat gold is released from 2013 and it is also world most expensive laptop. This laptop is very shiny and very luxury version. It replaced by the official apple logo with multi colored diamond. It has Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 2.4 GHZ speed and 160 GB Hard Disk drive. It displays 15.4 with good specification like super drive 8X.

The quantity of this stunning laptop is very limited because of high price and price is $30000. This laptop produced by the computer chopper company.


2: Tulip E-GO Diamond ($355000)

Tulip E-GO Diamond laptop made with 358 brilliant-cut diamond and white gold that’s why its look very unique and stunning. This beautiful laptop is most expensive in the world. This laptop operates with 64 bit processor 100 GB hard disk, ATI Radeon express 200 for video, and display 12.1 inches. This handle made from chrome, these skin made with leather fabrics and metals.

The price of this most beautiful laptop is $355000 not affordable for everyone as this laptop produce by the Tulip.


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1: Luvaglio 1 Million Dollar Laptop ($ 1,000,000)

If you want to purchase this precious and luxury laptop you must have a lot of money in bank accounts because this is most expensive laptop in the world. Luvaglio produce this first million dollar laptop and almost every laptop maker was shocked. It has 128 GB of hard drive, USB slots, mp3 player and so many other features. It also provides the security identification. When this most expensive laptop introduced in 2007 no one have purchasing ability. It has the high resolution screen of 17 –inches.


Top 10 List of Most Expensive Laptop In The World 2017
Rank Laptop Price
1 Luvaglio 1 Million Dollar Laptop $1000000
2 Tulip E-Go Diamond $350000
3 MacBook Pro 24 Karat Gold $30000
4 Ego for Bentley $20000
5 VoodooEnvy 171 $6500
6 Stealth Mac Book Pro By Corporate $6000
7 Dell Mobile Precision M6800 $3800
8 Alienware 18 $3600
9 Acer Ferrari 1100 $3000
10 Lenovo Thinkpad W540 $2300

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