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Top 10 List of Most Corrupt Politicians In India 2017

Corruption is a form of fraud and dishonest conduct by those in power. Corruption occurs at the smallest and highest levels of government, government officials who are in power use the resources for their own deed instead of using them for public purposes. Corruption in India affects all the levels of society especially the administrative level who are damaging real bad the economy of the India.

Instability and inequalities are the major problems occur due to corruption of the country. Due to corruption India is facing high challenges weather its poverty, education, health, or clean water. Corruption in India looks like a civil servant sometimes nothing is happening without doing corruption and has become the favorite contest nationwide. Due to low level of enforcement and monitoring policies on the state level bodies causing corruption. Indian National Congress is among the top most corrupt political parties in India.

Here is the list of top 10 most corrupt politicians of India 2017.

10. M.Karunanidhi

Karunanidhi family is an Indian political family M. karunandhi has been the chief minister of Tamil Nadu for five terms, Corruption is a very favorite game for this famous political party, the biggest corruption scandal of 2G spam in which Mr.karunanidhi daughter was arrested with the Indian telecom minister Raja, Karunanidhi was also involved in this biggest corruption case in Indian history, Karunanidhi is the emperor of corruption. He was also blamed for allotting housing board and causing a 7.5 crors loss to a state when he was in power he is among the top corrupt people in the list.


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9. B.S Yeddyurappa

Yeddyurappa severed as the chief minister of Karnataka he was the first man to be promoted on the seat of chief minister of South Indian state, B S Yeddyurappa, is another man who is a big corruption addict he was accused in a bribery case, A special CBI court in Bengaluru acquitted former chief minister of Karnataka of doing Rs 40 crors bribery case. He has a several cases against him like involvement in the illegal iron export case, and put in the jail which causing him loss of his seat of chief minister as well he is most corrupted politician in India.


8. Mayawati

Mayawati an Indian politician served as the chief minister of Uttar Pardesh for four times. She is been considered as the idol of corruption in UP and also goddess of corruption. It is been said that the companies run by Mayawati and his brother has made 18000 percent profit which is very abnormal profit in just seven years, out of seven years Mayawati served as chief minister of Uttar Pardesh for five years. In fresh Supreme Court has agrees to hear PIL against the former chief minister of UP. Now CBI is investigating that how it is possible to make such profit in a short period of time. Mayawati became the symbol of corruption in UP.


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7. Madhu Koda

Madhu Koda has served as the Chief Minister of Jharkhand in 2006, he is one of the most corrupt politicians in Indian National Congress he was charged with laundering Money of Rs.4000 crores back in 2010. A special money-laundering court in Delhi has attached Koda’s properties worth 144 crores. He is a very powerful politician and the most corrupt politician as well, koda is also alleged to have purchased mines in Liberia which is worth 1.7 million dollars, he has booked under the prevention of money laundering act along with his three cabnit members. His investments are to be spread from Singapore to Thailand to Dubai to Liberia.


6. Andimuthu Raja

Andimuthu Raja is also a corrupt leader he is involved in 2G scam, 2g spectrum scandal was an Indian telecommunications scam in which government officials and raja undercharged the mobile telephone companies for frequency allocation licenses. Rajas chose a famous telecommunication company and make a deal of 2.2 billion dollars deal in which he make almost 35 crors commission, later the favored firm tell CBI that Rajas was the main conspirator in 2G spam. Rajas also earn a huge turnover in real estate business in which he make Rs 755 crors in only two years he was the central minister in Chennai in that times in 2004 he is one of the most corrupt politician list in India.


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5. Digvijay Singh

He is most corrupt politician in India and earns a lot of money from Indian government through illegal ways and with poor behavior. He is a general secretary of Indian national congress also Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha, during 1980 TO 1984 he was a Chief Minister Arjun Singh’s cabinet. Digvijay Singh speaking too much on the issue of corruption these days but he deeply involved in corruption and Jabalpur high court issue order to inquiry against him he is hated by many people. In 2017 he is declare a most corrupt politician in the India and he is also responsible for all the blasts of Mumbai.


4. Lalu Prasad Yadav

Laloo Prasad Yadav is famous politician in India, he was the minister of railways in 2009 and before he was the chief minister of Bihar . The fodder scam is famous scandal which indicates the name of laloo Parsad Yadav which embezzlement of about 9.4 billion Indian rupees. The fodder scandal lead ministry of laloo to his end, he was arrested by courts orders and put in jail for five years in October 2013. He is one of the most corrupt politicians among all the Indian politicians. He is famous as a sharp colorful politician but he likes to promote caste based politics due to this reason hated by the many people.


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3. Sharad Pawar

Corruption is ended on his end and become richest politician in India from the state of Maharashtra he is entered in politics in 1967 as a member of undivided Congress party. He is president of nationalist Congress party and previously attended as Chief Minister of Maharashtra on three different posts like Minister of defense, Minister of Agriculture in Government of India. As a minister of agriculture Sharad Pawar systematically accused of conspire in the increase in amounts of agriculture products and then farmer suicide rate rise 10000 per year. Sharad Pawar and his family involve major project of corruption and he is declare most corrupt politician in the India.


2. Suresh Kalmadi

Suresh Kalmadi is a member of biggest party Indian National Congress, senior sport administrative and he was Member of Parliament from PUNE till May 2014. He declares as a corrupt politician when he was chairman of Common wealth games and president of Indian Olympic in 2010. He has spend more time in jail due to corruption, misbehave, counterfeit and long list of other crimes. He has nothing done for the betterment of people but increases his assets and banks accounts. He has served as a pilot before entering in politics and he is not meant to be a good politicians.


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1. Rahul Gandhi

Rahul gandhi served as the voice president of Indian National Congress as he belongs to the Gandhi Nehru Family, son of Rajiv Gandi who was the Prime Minister of India. Rahul gandhi is although a powerful politician due to his political background but he has done corruption many times in his period of government. He studied abroad and came to India to give a hand in his family politics, he is so corrupt in his period of government a lot of poor farmers has done suicide and poverty rate increases ,at every stage of state structure he earn money through the blood of poor and needy people. He is among the most corrupt politicians of Indian National Congress.


Top 10 List of Most Corrupt Politicians In India 2017
Rank Name
1 Rahul Gandhi
2 Suresh Kalmadi
3 Sharad Pawar
4 Lalu Prasad Yadav
5 Digvijay Singh
6 Andimuthu Raja
7 Madhu Koda
8 Mayawati
9 B.S Yeddyurappa
10 M.Karunanidhi

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