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Top 10 List of Most Corrupt Countries In The World In 2017

Corruption is the misappropriation of public funds for personal grows and interests, it also means attaining inequitable compensation in government procurement and state engagements; so the corruption leads to economic confusion and under progress in any country where such practices are common.

Western nations like the United States and other European nations are doing a great job in this facet of decreasing corruption; this can be accredited to proper overriding structures and a constitution that requires tough penalties for anyone caught appealing in this vice.

The third world countries are more horizontal to corruption because of poor condition structures and low literacy levels among greater part of the citizens, those in power therefore take this opportunity to enrich themselves and also with the friends and relatives.

So here we have list of top 10 most corrupt countries in the world 2017.

10: Eritrea

The country Eritrea is situated across the red sea in Africa as it is very small but developing country with the best GDP which is $3.4 billion sop the population of the country is about 6.3 million; so according to reports, there was no outside investors here in this country but recently government of this country has decided to improve their economy also by their foreign investors so as the interaction of people increased, corruption level is also increased in this country because officials of the country are corrupt officials are taking much chances of becoming more rich so the CPI score of Eritrea is 18.


9: South Sudan

Newly born country is known as youngest nation of the world because South Sudan has got independence in 2011 but this country is very big in corruption because it is lacked in government structure as leaders of South Sudan are taking much opportunity to exploit the resources of the country for their personal interest and benefits. So leaders are acquiring for themselves instead building newly formed country more developed and for the welfare of the citizens as there is large civil unrest in the whole region therefore most of the population of the country is living miserable life which is just due to the corruption of the leaders.


8: Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is not only corrupt country but also messiest region therefore no one is wished to visit this country; the country is the situated in Central Asia, as it is interesting to know that the economy and income per capita of this country remained the same even passing through the financial crisis that has also crippled other many systems in Europe. Economy of this country mainly relies on the agriculture; with the Government of the country there are also other large numbers of multinational corporations which have experienced run-ins there authorities is trying to attract more business through tax incentives.


7: Venezuela

Venezuela is officially known as Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela that is federal republic state located in the north coast of America; despite of corrupt country, it is also called as poorest country with the lowest income per capita which is below the poverty range of the world. Main reason of corruption in this country as because country is ran by dictator so the country has poorest infrastructure and accessing the basic needs has proven to be difficult for large citizens in the region due to corrupt and dishonest leadership of the leader therefore crisis is now increasing day by day more.


6: Libya

Libya is one of the largest and important countries of Africa because it is 4th biggest country of this region, it has improved and better income per capita than that of other countries of Africa but it is far away from the modern technology and development just because of the corruption and dishonesty of the leadership. It was under the leadership of a dictator, Colonel Gaddafi for almost 32 years but the authority of the country just took the natural resources including oil for the sack of their own benefit therefore Libya remains a breeding ground of political unsteadiness and corruption until a new government establishes.


5: Iraq

Iraq is officially known as Republic of Iraq as it is a prominent country which is located in Western Asia; the people of the country have to bear large number of inhuman tortures because of the war conducted by United States of America therefore large quantity of citizens died in this war. So there is a power vacuum in the country after the withdraws of Americans as locals always fight to take the control of the county but ISIS has increased more terrorism and fear now days which results in down economy of the country so the bone of contention is that powerful country wants the oil resources of this country and authorities doing nothing in the past days therefore corruption is developed in the roots of this country.


4: Afghanistan

Afghanistan is officially called as Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as country is situated in within Central Asia and South Asia; population of the country is about 32 million citizens, it is mainly bordered with Pakistan with large area so this country exists mainly between those countries which are also much effected by the terrorism. Therefore this has great effect on the governing structures of the country. Some other issues including insecurity, weak governess, lack of infrastructure, criminality and many other issues making this country more unstable and corrupt since last decade as former president Hamid Karzai is notable corrupt man of the country.


3: Somalia

Somalia is officially known as Federal Republic of Somalia as country is situated in the horn of Africa; it is also Islamic country whose population is nearly about 12.3 million but country is considered as one of the poorest countries because people are living their lives below the poverty lines. So according to reports, this country is under no stable governance for a long time now because large area of the county has been taken by the terrorist’s organization so the instability of the local government has created loopholes for massive corruption and mismanagement in the funds of local citizens.


2: Sudan

Sudan which is sometimes called as North Sudan so it is officially known as Republic of Sudan as it is situated in the northeastern Africa; it is one of the biggest countries with satisfied income per capita, this country is ruled by the corrupt leaders including Omar Al Bashir who came into the power in 1989 and ruling this country from that time. He used the resources of the country just to enrich himself and his colonies; as it is shocking to hear that country is full of massive reserves of oil so despite of this country is still called as poorest in the world with political instability.


1: North Korea

North Korea is officially known as Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea as country is situated in East Asia; it is not only called as corrupt but also dangerous and political unstable country of the world because they are spending large just increasing weapons and chemical arms, not for the welfare and development of the citizens. Despite of this President of the country is considered as most corrupt man of the country because its name was also in Panama Leaks; so the donation received for the country are used to enrich the family of President or sometimes spent on the military equipment so the poor governance of Kim Jung made this country poorest and corrupt.


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