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Top 10 List of Best 80s Rock Bands In The World

In 1950 this popular genre of music rock which is originated as rock and roll started in United States and soon became very popular music genre. Whole world was falling in love with the rock music in 1951 Cleveland, and Alan Fred began playing rhythms and blues music it’s like a music which heals your pain and which let anyone from darkness to happiness.

The rock music developed in different ranges in United States and in United Kingdom and even in Europe all kind of bass guitars and electrical guitars are been using in this music in 1960 this genre was quite famous and from different parts of world people just transform this music into their own style and from their people started calling this music as jazz rock, blue rock, country rock, and raga rock. 1980s rock music was called punk, metal, rape rock and pop as well rock music transformed into so many of other sub genres.

Here is the list of top 10 best 80s rock bands in the world.

10. Metallica

Metallica is best and famous American band which is based in San Rafael California it was start from 1980 in Los Angel. Metallica rock band released ten studio albums, four live albums, 26 video songs, 37 singles and five extended plays and became more famous all around the world this world famous and best brand won eight Germany awards this band album generate a huge business which is almost near to 110 million globally and making it best selling album. This best band also one of the most commercial successful band all the time members of this band considered as best artist in many magazines.


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9. Journey

This is also American rock band that organizes in San Francisco in 1973 it has strong commercial success during 1978 to 1987 in this time phase Journey band released songs which are became more famous and hit in the world like Don’t stop Believin. According to Recording Industry Association of America this best rock band sold 48 million albums in United States and declares as 25th best selling band in the world. Journey rock band initiate the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in 2017 with the singers of Steve Perry, guitarist Neal Schon, and members are Jonathan Cain, Gregg Rolie, Ross Valory, Aynsley Dunbar and Steve Smith.


8. Iron Maiden

In 1975 this band came into existence and suddenly became one of the top rock bands of the United Kingdom and of the world as well. Steve Harris plays Bass guitar and also songwriter this heavy rock band had released 16 studio albums which is a quite big achievement and famous for their songs like the Troope. This new band gained success in 1980s with the release of many platinum albums which is one of the reasons why this band so popular in entire world. Iron maiden is also considered top most successful metal band in the history of rock music globally in 2015 this best band sold over 90 millions album which is a big achievement.


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7. U2

This Irish rock brand started in the year of 1976 by Dubin the group feature with Bono, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr this famous brand formed at Mount Temple Comprehensive school when the members of this group was Teenagers but with limited musical instruments and proficiency. After four year they released their album with island records BOY and their first United Kingdom album was War in 1983 but in 80s this band become famous and get commercial success all over the world. They released 13 albums and considered one of the best selling music artists all the time.


6. Def Leppard

Def Leppard is also declare as one of the best 80s rock band in the world also considered as world best selling music artists Def Leppard sold more than 100 million record all over the world. They have two original studio albums selling about 10 million copies in United States they also release many album some of them received commercial success all over the world like Hysteria, Rolling stones, high & dry, Pyromania and many other these albums become more and more famous in the world. During 1980 to 1990 this best brand received commercial success globally in all ways.


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5. Van Halen

In 1972 an American based rock band Van Halen formed in California the member of this famous band Eddie Van Halen the founder and the lead guitarist, David Lee Roth as a lead vocalist, Alex Van Halen also one of the founder and drummer and Michael Anthony leading Bass guitarist. This world best band become major star in all the rock bands in early 1980s and they also become most successful rock band in 1984 with their album the lead single which includes songs like jump which became the internationally hit number and sold 12 million copies in only United State.


4. AC/DC

This another one of the best 80s rock band in the world which is formed by Australian brothers Malcolm and Angus Young in 1973 they also considered one of the heavy metal band they always dubbed their music rock & roll. AC/DC sold 200 million records in the world but 71.5 million generate only in Unites States and announced highest certified music artists in the United States also list of best second selling by any artist and rock band as well. This world best band released album Back in Blacks which get a huge success and became best seller album all the time.


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3. Bon Jovi

In 1983 a band formed with the name of Bon Jovi in late 1980s this rock band became very popular as they released successful albums across the world band members with main vocalist Jon Jovi, bass guitarist john such, David Bryan as a keyboard, Ritchie Sambora lead guitarist, and Tico Torres as a drummer. This band was famous for their album slippery when wet which was released in 1986 with a lot of successful and famous tracks in the album like you give love a bad name and wanted dead or alive. They had released their albums in 1990s and in 2000s as well which continues the success of this band.


2. Guns N Roses

It’s a American hard rock band from Los Angeles started in 1985 this band released six studio albums which are generate more than 100 million in whole world and 45 millions in United States. The members of this band change with the passage of time only two members Rose and Reed are constant members, currently Axl rose lead vocalist, slash main guitarist, Izzy Tradin rhythm Guitarist, bass guitarist were duff Mckagan and Steven Adler as a drummer they were famous for their hard rock and heavy metal. Guns N roses became famous for their album Appetite For destruction which includes songs like sweet child O, mine.


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1. Queens

Queen a very popular music band formed in 1970s this band was the only thing in 1970s peoples life Brin may a guitarist, Freddie mercury a vocalist and played piano, roger Tayler played drums also do vocals, and john deacon famous bass guitarist they all were the main leads of this band Queen. Before making queen roger and brain were the part of their first band named smiles and after that they became a part of queen band then in 1970 Freddie who was a fan of smile suggest a new name for the band which was QUEEN in 1975 queen band released their first band called A Night at the Opera which was the cause of their internationally recognition.


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