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Top 10 Highest Paid Korean Actress In The World 2019

South Korea began to broadcast television series in the 1960s and now became very famous and well established industry all over the world with many best actors who perform really well all the time. This Korean industry growing up rapidly not just in Korea all over the world as well partially due to distribute of the Korean Wave, with flowing services that offer multiple language subtitles.

There is lot of Korean actresses who performed really well but some are more famous due to extra skills and multitalented they perform more than one field but successful in all related fields with lot of people attention and fan followings.

Due to high demand and more skills Korean actresses are received huge amount of money from Korean industry and made their selves richest and famous around the globe, like Jun Ji-hyun is top highest paid Korean actresses who received $83.9 K for only one episode she is so pretty and beautiful actresses.

Here is the list of top 10 highest paid Korean actresses in the world.

10. Park Shin Hye ($16,700 – Each Episode)

Park Shin Hye starts her career at the age of just 13 very short period of time she has gained lot of popularity among the Korean fans and in world as well. She start her career with music video name of video “Flower” by singer Lee Seung-hwan and made her very first appearance on music and then underwent formal training in singing, dancing and acting. During 2015, she is considered as 33rd Power Celebrity in Forbes and in this current year 2017 also announced at number 12 she played lead roles in television dramas You’re Beautiful, The Heirs and Pinocchio in 2015 as well.


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9. Park Bo Young ($25,000 – Each Episode)

This South Korean actress Park Bo Young was born on February 12, 1990 she start her career in 2006 at the early stage she became more and more famous and successful actress around the globe and then charged high amount for each episode which is about $25000. She is well known for her natural beauty after her childhood photos rise on social networks and before starting her official acting debut in 2006, Park appeared in a short film titled Equal in 2005 when she was in middle school, Young is really beautiful and pretty Korean actresses.


8. Shin Min Ah ($25,000- Each Episode)

This Korean actress is also very beautiful and charming all the time and best highest paid Korean actresses in the world it’s just because people want to see in Dramas all the time she has gained $25000 for each episode. This gorgeous celebrity of Korea always gets huge attention among the people and successful play lead role in many TV serial such as A Love to Kill (2005), My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox (2010), Arang and the Magistrate (2012), and Oh My Venus (2015). She starts her career in the year 2001 she is also most famous Korean model.


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7. Gong Hyo Jin ($33,400 – Each Episode)

Gong Hyo Jin is very versatile actresses and famous comedian she always perform best and make place from heart of many people she has done many leading role in dramas and got too much popularity from the world people always want to see in drams and follow her in many ways. She was born on April 4, 1980 in Seoul, South Korea she is very talented began her career in the year 1999 she performed in many successful and famous serials TV serial but more famous such as Sang-doo! Let’s Go to School, Thank You, Pasta, The Greatest Love, Master’s Sun, It’s Okay, That’s Love and The Producers.


6. Kim Tae Hee ($33,400 – Each Episode)

Another most famous and best is actress Kim Tae Hee she was born on 29 March 1980 in Ulsan, South Korea also famous most beautiful women in Korean with huge attention among people of world. She played many lead role in dramas such as Stairway to Heaven (2003), Love Story in Harvard (2004), Iris (2009), My Princess (2011), and Yong-pal (2015) and made herself successful actresses with high demand that’s why she always received highest amount from Korean drama industry she is also well known model with lot of beauty.


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5. Song Hye Kyo ($41,800 – Each Episode)

Song Hye Kyo is considered as most attractive and beautiful Korean actresses in the world she has gained lot of fame due to stunning and innocent beauty in this current year 2017 she is considered as 7th Korean Power Celebrity list in Forbes magazine. She also declared as highest paid Korean actresses all over the world she has received $41800 for each episode it’s because high demand and best actresses. Her famous drams such as Autumn in My Heart, All In, Full House, That Winter, the Wind Blows and Descendants of the Sun which achieved pan-Asia success, her famous films are Hwang Jin Yi, The Grandmaster and others.


4. Choi Ji Woo ($41,800 – Each Episode)

42 years old Korean actress Choi Ji Woo is always looks perfect and really well performer of the Korean industry and gained much popularity due to Beautiful Days, Winter Sonata, in 2003 Stairway to Heaven, next famous film The Suspicious Housekeeper and Temptation in the year 2014 the romantic comedy series Twenty Again and Woman with a Suitcase in last year 2016. Due to best performances and experienced actress she has get big amount from related industry in this way she has collect extra money with successful career and still work with big projects.


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3. Ha Ji Won ($42K – Each Episode)

Ha Ji Won 28 June 1978 in Seoul, South Korea this Korean Actress best known for the historical dramas Damo (2003), Hwang Jini (2006) and Empress Ki (2013), the melodrama Something Happened in Bali (2004) and romantic comedy series Secret Garden (2010) she perform very well and received lot of fame. She is very talented lady with the various skills like action, comedy, horror, drama, and sports and successful in all field she is also considered as one of the highest paid actresses in the whole world with the per episode amount of $42 k she is important part of film and drama industry.


2. Lee Young Ae ($83500 – Each Episode)

Another beautiful Korean actress Lee Young Ae is well known and famous celebrity due to her best performances and highest paid Korean actress all the time she earn about $83500 per episode its really big amount. She became most famous actress for her project “jewel in the palace” and some others, due to marriage she stop working in the year 2011 she is blessed with two children but still very pretty and young. Now she wants to come back in Korean industry but she always received huge amount of money from this industry also generate enough amount in her career, liked by the many people.


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1. Jun Ji-hyun ($83.9 K)

One of the top highest paid Korean actresses in the world who received $83.9k per episode in this way she generates huge amount of money she is very beautiful and hot Actresses that attracts lot of people and also became most famous celebrity around the globe. My love from the star Is her best and hit project also gets lot of fame due to her role in the tele series” The Girl in the Comic Series”,”My Sassy Girl” and other many projects that make her famous and richest Korean actress in the world due to getting big amount from the only one episode she is increasing her bank balance as well.


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