Published On: Thu, Oct 12th, 2017

Top 10 Highest Paid Korean Actors In The World 2019

Now a days there are a lot of activities which are very famous and useful at the same time in past when radio was invented people use to listen music and voices and then it comes to television people were able to listen or see pictures at the same time and all the entertainment industry is very important part of every person’s life in the whole world.

Drama, Film, fashion industries are working all over the world to provide and show their culture and entertainment to the whole world and showcase their talent and traditions as well Korea has a very vast drama and film industry as well.

Korean actors are extremely talented and very beautiful at the same time due to vast and very successful entertainment industries Korean actors has great fan following and high demand all over the world and people are so much concern about Korean actors so many people try their luck and few of them are able to got success in their life.

Here is the list of top 10 highest paid Korean actors in the world 2019.

10. Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook is one of the very famous Korean actor, he is extremely very famous throughout all the Korea Ji change got success and recognition for his work in a drama serial Smile Again, this was one of the top rating drama in South Korea and this drama was the real reason for Ji Chang success. He is also the most handsome actor in Korean girls are die-hard fan of him Healer ,Empress ki, baek Dong -soo are the famous shows of this handsome actor he charges $42000 per episode he is one of the most expensive actor in Korea but also all over the world he had so many followers.


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9. Song Joong ki

Song Joong ki is a very famous South Korean actor and successful host as well when the famous drama serial sungkyunkwan scandal was onair on TV there was one actor Song Joong ki who got success and extreme fan following after this famous serial. He charges $50300 for one episode he also appear on silver screen as well he got acclamation for A werewolf boy and descendant of the sun he is also a very well spoken and a big host in Korean industry he is one of the best host Korean entertainment industry he had also began perform in movies.


8. Lee Jong Suk

Another super model and actor Lee Jong Suk is a Korean famous entertainer he is well known to be the youngest model ever he started his acting career with the successful short film sympathy Lee charges $50300 for one episode. He is best known for his impressive work as a lead in school 2013 doctor stranger I can hear your voice and Pinocchio he is been showstopper for so many national and international designers Lee is favorite choice for international designers Lee Jong Suk is one of the most expensive actor in Korea.


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7. Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In is considered as one of the most handsome actor in South Korea he is very famous South Korean actor and he rose to fame in television series Sungkyunkwan Scandal, he is famous for his amazing acting in punch, secret love affair, and veteran. The throne and six flying dragons he has done an amazing job also declared as is very highly paid Korean actor in the world with the worth of $58700 per episode and he is now internationally recognized and doing modeling contracts with international designers Yoo Ah In is a famous model as well.


6. Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung gi is a South Korean singer, an actor, a master of ceremonies and a very extremely talented host as well he is one of the most search male stars in 20s he is famous for his acting as well as his positive image he is known as a symbol of success for all the new comers. Lee Seung Gi has also sung very famous songs such as because you are my woman, will you marry me, and return another one of the highest paid Korean Actor all over the world and charge $59000 per episode, he is also into movies now and keep doing singles and developing his career as a playback singer in film industry.


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5. Lee Min Ho

Boys over flowers won so many awards and one person who got accomplishment for his role was lee Min Ho, he is a famous actor and a singer as well he won so many awards and won best new actor award in the television category at beak sang arts awards and also got awarded at Seoul international drama award. The famous dramas of lee min ho are the heirs, city hunter, personal faith he is now working in movies as well he is also famous for his role in movie Gangnam Blues he charges almost 60000 dollars for one episode.


4. So Ji Sub

A Jens model became superstar So Ji Sub is a Korean actor after became a super model he became an actor and very famous for his roles in the television series like I m sorry, Cain, I love you, able, masters sun and oh my Venus. After doing so many leading roles he got famous for his work skills in masters sun and getting lot of fame in drama industry and before that it was fashion industry now he is moving toward big screen as well. He is very expensive actor as he charges $67,100 for one episode among the top super models of Korea and also he is very handsome so that he had a lot of fan following.


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3. Jo In Sung

What happened in balli is the real reason of successful career for Jo In Sung, he is one of the most amazing and handsome actor in Korea declared as highest paid Korean actor who received $68000 per episode. He is very famous for his role in the winter, the wind blows, it’s okay that love and many more also Sung is versatile and talented actor as he is a big celebrity in North Korea. He is well known for his best looks he is amazing looking guy and one of the most handsome person Korean entertainment industry had Jo In Sung is doing modeling and hosting as well.


2. Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin is the one actor who is famous not even in Korea but at the same time in every corner of this world Bin a famous Korean actor and said to be very handsome actor as well he is best known for his work as a leading role in television drams like my name is Kim Sam soon and secret garden for which he got so much attention of local industry and people of Korea. After great success in dramas like secret garden Hyun bin is became one of the most expensive actor in the entertainment industry he charges $84000 for one episode Hyun bin is the second highest paid Korean actor.


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1. Kim Soo Hyun

Idol of Korea is none other than Kim Soo Hyun he is the leading actor in the industry of Korea also considered as highest paid Korean Actor in the world and doing both film and drama as well and in both industries he is very famous. Kim is best known for his role in the television dramas like dream high, my love from the star, and the product and his famous successful movies are the thieves, secretly, greatly, and many more. He is very handsome and talented at the same time Kim is ruling both drama and film industries he charges $84300 per episode and has the title of highest paid Korean celebrity.


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