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Top 10 Highest Paid Boxers in The World 2017

Boxing is a very famous combat sport in all over the world. In earlier history boxing starts in 688 bc but the modern boxing is start in 1904. The boxing is play in ring while in boxing two people wearing a protecting glove and give a punches to each others for the fixed time in a boxing ring.

This combat sport is introduced in common wealth and Olympics games. Many different categories and styles are in boxing. Many professional players become a richest through in combat game. This combat sport is very attractive for the people and players rise up on huge fan base.

Boxing is not a violent and risky game but some people are considered this is a dangerous game. The professional boxer is playing a championship they defeated the opponent and paid very much in this event. Boxer is always tried to look fit for this they doing exercise daily.

Here the list of the ten richest boxers in the world 2017.

10. Amir Khan $30 Million

Amir Khan is a professional lightweight boxer was born in December 8, 1986 in Manchester UK. In the age of 22 he is wining the WBA title as the youngest British Boxer. In 2011 Amir Khan has 8 ranked in the list of the best boxer in the world. Amir Khan starts the professional career in 2008 with first professional fight to Martin Kristjanssen. HE wins two gold medals. Total fights are 35 in which these fights he wins 31 and loss 4 fights. Khan is successful and the richest boxer in the world 2017.


9. Bernard Hopkins $ 40 Million

Bernard Hopkins is an American Richest boxer. The real name of Bernard Hopkins is Bernard Humphrey Hopkins Jr and the B-Hop is the nickname. He is born in 15 January 1965 Philadelphia USA. Bernard is the best skilled and popular boxer has wins many title and championships in her career. He stars the professional career in 11 October 1988. 2001 the Bernard is former if lightweight boxing in America. The total fight of the Bernard is 67, he win 57 and loss 8 fight and 32 fight win and loss 1 by knockout.


8. Vitali Klitschko $65 Million

Vitali Klitschko is a Ukraine politician and a performer of the Professional heavyweight boxer. In boxing Vitali Klitschko win three time world heavyweight championship it’s a big title for her. In boxing career he wins 45 and only 2 lose, in 2007 Vitali is retired from the boxing by injuring her leg. He started the boxing career in 1996 with first winning fight with Toney Bradham this fight has on 4 rounds but Vitali defeated her opponent in 2nd round. He throws up the lot of punches on the opponent.


7. Muhammad Ali $80 Million

Muhammad Ali is such a good boxer in the world. He is a great legend in boxing. He was born in 1942 in America. Muhammad Ali is a former of heavyweight boxer. He fought 61 in which win 56 and 5 are lose. Muhammad Ali wins WBA WBC title award in the age of 22 in 1964. In lightweight championship Ali wins gold medal at the age of 18. He start our career in 1960 with her first wining fight.1981 he is retiring from the boxing and after retiring he spent the life for religious purpose. He was died in 2016.


6. Sugar Ray Leonard $120 Million

Sugar Ray Leonard is starting the armature career in 1969; he was born in America 17 may 1956. After the Luis Vega fight in 1977 known as a boxer. He is a very greatest boxer and wins five times lineal weight title in 1977 to 1997. In our career he wins lot medals. He belong to the middle family in age of ten her family on Washington. Her father working as a night manger in the supermarket and her mother is nurse. Sugar is rested on lot time in home they reading book and spend much time with her dog.


5. Lennox Lewis $ 130 Million

The real name if Lennox Lewis is Lennox Claudius Lewis. He is Canadian and richest boxer in the world. He is very popular in fans society lot of people love this guy. He was born in England in the age of 12 her father moved in Canada. In 1982 he helped the school team to wining a basketball match. 1983 he decided to be good boxer in future so he starts the Canadian boxing club. Lennox total fought 44 fights. Lennox is three times win the heavyweight title. Lennox has two nationalities UK and Canada.


4. Oscar De La Hoya 200 Million

World know this boxer as ‘Golden Boy’. He also has dual citizen ships, American and Mexican. He was born February 4; 1973.The net worth of Oscar De La Hoya is 200 million dollars. At the age of 17 he won the U.S National Championship in our amateur career. HE wins the 7 gold medals in boxing. Hoya fought 47 fights 39 wins and 6 lose in this 30 fights win by kO. In 2004 Hoya takes off in boxing but in 2006 he comeback again in boxing and contacting with the WWE.


3. Manny Pacquiao $250 Million

Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino professional and rich boxer and also a businessman. He was born December 17, 1978. He belong to very poor family her mother have a 6 children. In the age of 14 hi lifted home due to financial problem. He tries our luck in various this such as modeling acting politics and music. In 2009 and 2011 he is wining the Best Fighter ESPY award. In 1995 he starts our professional career in combat sport. Pacquiao is awarded three times as a world heavyweight boxer and wins many medals.


2. George Foreman $250 Million

George Foreman is American professional boxer and another richest boxer in the world. He was born in 10 January 1949 Texas. The nickname is Big George and the people also know this name. In The 2002 her name is listed in top best boxer in past 80 years. In her career hi lose first fight to Muhammad Ali in 1974.In the history George Foreman is best and the great boxer. In 1968 he participated in Summer Olympics. The professional started in 1967 with first Knockout fight to Parks Diamond Belt Tournament.


1. Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. $340 million

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is one of the richest boxer in the world with $340 million net worth. He is in America former of professional boxer. He is fabulous good and well skilled boxer in the history. He was born in America February 24, 1977. He is undefeatable in boxing ring because they could not take a time to the opponent. He wins the four different class championships and announced her name in heavyweight championships for 5 times. In boxing career they cannot loss any fight. In 2013 her name top of the list 50 highest paid athlete and again in 2014.


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