Published On: Wed, Feb 1st, 2017

Top 10 Favorite Foods Of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) and Their Benefits

A true Muslim is that person who not only worship Allah but also his most beloved Prophet, Muhammad PBUH so he loved all those things which are related Muhammad SAAW and also hates all those things which are disliked by Him therefore when it comes to the Sunnah in foodstuff then there are lot of Foods which are liked and praised most by the Prophet of Allah.

Despite of this, these all these foods have great reimbursement because these foods are liked most by the Prophet PBUH therefore these foods have importance for Muslims of all time, in all these foods some are delightfully mention in holy Book Quran.

So here we have list of top 10 favorite foods of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and their benefits.

10: Cucumber

Cucumber also truly related to the Cucurbitaceae family which include Squash, pumpkin, watermelon, Etc, so like of Watermelon, this food Cucumber has also made of 95% water which is benefited in many places include, Antioxidant Properties, Freshen Breath, Reduction of risk of Cancer, Support Digestive System, Manage Stress, Fight Inflammations and most important defend the Human Brain, so this has great amount of Vitamin K and Vitamin B.


9: Grapes

Grapes are most worn in the world as it is also one of the foods of paradise therefore it is mention in Holy Quran so this fruit has great number of benefits which include Cancer, Purify Blood, Allergies, Heart Diabetes, Manage High Blood Pressure, Constipation, Acne, cleaning bowels and gave strength to Kidneys, it also gave much potency and energy to the Human body.


8: Pumpkin

Pumpkin can subordinate the risk of hard disease prostate cancer; so this food is able to protect against joint swelling and arthritis; therefore have a cup of pumpkin seeds per day to avoid appearance of wrinkles; it also simulates the kidneys and prevents the creation of calcium oxalate stones, most from all, having pumpkins prevent depression of the human body.


7: Olive Oil

Olive oil is an outstanding treatment for the hair and skin therefore it delays old age; according to research, green olives are the most nutritious, and counteract auto intoxication; black olives foundation the spleen to overproduce bile and are hard on the stomach; despite of these, olive leaves can be chewed as cure for tenderness of the skin ulcerations, stomach, and eruptions of herpes and hives.


6: Honey

Honey is known as most excellent and useful blessing of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad PHUB always suggest this for all people because this is best medication for diarrhea when mixed in hot water; it is used for strengthening the stomach, creating appetite, eliminating phlegm; as a meat preservative, eye soother, hair conditioner and mouthwash. So it is tremendously beneficial in the morning in warm water.


5: Figs

Figs are considered as healthiest foodstuff of the world because it is also most preferred food of Holy Prophet PBUH as it is also food of Heaven so also mentioned in Holy Quran; Fresh figs are chosen to dry, although these are quite nourishing and they are very hot. So eat of it, for it is a treatment for piles and helps gout. It is a very good cure for stomach problems and it helps in curative from different kind if cancers.


4: Vinegar

The Messenger of God used to eat vinegar with olive oil; as it has great effects on body performance as it is useful for performance of helpful in controlling belly, spleen, satisfies thirst, aids in digestion of food; which are potent Biological effects, Lower Blood Sugar, reduce heart diseases, lose weight, kill bacteria, fight diabetes, lowering cholesterol and most important shelter from cancer.


3: Milk

Milk is widely used because it is capable to give strength to bones, so Holy Prophet PBUH love to drink milk of goat and camel; The Prophet (Peace be upon) said that milk wipes away heat from the heart of the human just as the finger wipes away sweat from the brow. It also strengthens the back, renews vision, improved the brain, and drives away forgetfulness.


2: Dates

According to history, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) used to plant trees of Dates himself; Dates should be eaten with the mixture of almonds to annul any unsympathetic effects, so fresh dates should also be eaten at the occasion of childbirth. So mainly it helps increasing the weight and blood as well and good for lackluster; from all kinds of dates, Ajwa is most powerful.


1: Barley

Barley is the first commendation for hot in temperament diseases; so barley is awash in water, which is drunk for coughs and painful throats; as the potage made from barley given to anyone anguish from the pain of fever is good. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) suggest barley to treatment grief of heart and ailments of the kidney.


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