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Top 10 Countries With Best And Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons In The World 2017

Atomic power countries are the strongest and most powerful in the world; these have many advantages and disadvantages in case of protection, peace and war in the country; world best atomic power countries have the contemporary nuclear weapons which are able to destroy the whole world. All nations frightened from advanced countries therefore they don’t attack on them because of their atomic and nuclear power; so according to reports, firstly USA became the nuclear power than other nations copied their method.

Now all powerful nuclear powers in the world are producing electricity from nuclear power plants; despite of this, they can also produce new equipment to develop their country; but, it can also harm the whole humanity because it can kill the billions of people in just a minute with one button to press.
So here we have list of top 10 countries with best and most Nuclear weapons in the world 2017.

10: Iran

Iran is a new accumulation to the list of countries that could probably be possessing missiles and nuclear weapons; U.S. intelligence agency has previously predicted that Iran could be possessing key ingredients to nuclear weapons so their power and the number of nuclear weapons and missiles are still indistinct. So Iran is not a Nuclear power country because there is only a solo Islamic country in the world which is measured as Nuclear power but few years early it was reported that Iran has made few Nuclear weapons, but the Iran has now signed the agreement with America for the destruction of the Nuclear weapons.


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9: North Korea

North Korea is so far called as the corrupt and dangerous country for the people to live in because Government of the country is paying more attention on the buying band making of nuclear weapons; according to reports, North Korea was previously signatory of NPT but in 2003 country withdraw their name. so it is confirmed that country has made nuclear weapons because they tested in 2006; in 2009 and 2013 they conduct their second and third test of the nuclear weapons; as a result, now they have mid range and small nuclear missiles in the hands of their armed forces but still they have less than 10 nuclear weapons.


8: Israel

Israel is also considered as most hated country of the world because of their aggressive behavior with some other country like Palestine so they have very weak relations with its neighboring countries so they need more to defense their country more powerfully therefore they have best defense system of the country because they have about 80 nuclear weapons. But according to history, there is no strong evidence of date of time of first test of this country so they have wide range of best weapons which are ranging from Ballistic missiles to powerful submarine launched cruise missiles.


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7: India

India is considered as non signatory of Nuclear NPT; according to history, this country started their research for developing nuclear weapons in 1967 and surprised the world with the outcome when they test their nuclear weapons first in 1974 and secondly in 1998, according to reports, there is no official news about the exact number of nuclear weapons of India but it has about more 90 nuclear weapons. But due to cold relation with Pakistan, this country has strict on ‘no first use’ and use only for the need and retaliation purposes but this country has developed large missiles like Prithvi and Agni series.


6: France

Another powerful country of the world but country is continuously under the attacks of terrorists therefore France needs much more defense than that of other countries of Europe therefore they have large quantity of warheads or nuclear weapons so due to use of best technology in weapons, country is able to strike its enemy from land, sea and air. It is interesting to know that France has deactivated it’s all land based nuclear weapons but country is continued in the research for becoming more powerful nuclear country so France has conducted its last test in 1996 as country has about 300 warheads.


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5: United Kingdom

United Kingdom was once at the top position for nuclear power country of the world because in 1970s government of the country has stock pile of more than 520 nuclear weapons but they put the rest more than half of the warheads and just using about 215 nuclear missiles, according to reports, UK was the third nuclear power country and they tested in 1952 so it is also included in five NPT countries of the world; United Kingdom has conducted more than 45 test in this fields secretly therefore today country is considered as most powerful due to its nuclear and number of warheads.


4: Pakistan

Pakistan is also considered as peaceful country but due to continuous aggressive behavior of its neighboring countries including India, Pakistan made its defense more powerful and strong therefore country have more warheads than that of India. Pakistan started their research on nuclear weapons in 1970s in the era of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto but due surprised nuclear tests of India in 1974 Pakistan made its way to be nuclear power and made possible in 1998 successful tests so Pakistan is the only nuclear power country in all Islamic countries of the world so it is unclear about the total number of nuclear weapons of this country.


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3: China

China is one of the emerging nuclear power countries of world but surpass many countries in respect of large number of nuclear weapons so in last few decades China has large great success almost in every walk of life, despite of largest populated country of the world, it has made its defense very strong so they perform the first nuclear in 1964 after 15 years of their independence. So actual numbers of warheads of the country are unknown as considered about 300; so China is also restricted to ‘no first use’ policy which means that they can only attack on any country with these weapons if enemy attack with these nuclear missiles.


2: United States

United States has large market of everything but still in 2nd position in number of nuclear weapons but despite of this, United States is called as the most powerful country of the world because it has more than 7000 warheads and has deployed about 2080 warheads in its country. There are remaining 5180 other warheads which are either tactical nuclear warheads or non deployed strategic warheads but instead, United States has more number of SLBMs and ICBMs than that of other countries including Russia because they have about 785 missiles therefore defense of the country is much strong.


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1: Russia

Russia is continuously called as the one of the powerful countries of the world; according to reports, Russia has more than 45000 warheads at a point due to nuclear race and balance with other west countries but recently country has dismantled and cut short the number of nuclear missiles to around 8000. So in all these about 1800 are active warheads and remains are reserve but this country is known for 515 intercontinental ballistic missiles, SBLMs and strategic bombers; despite of this, there are thousands of non deployed strategic warheads in this country; Russia is also one of the largest arms producers in the world.


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