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Top 10 Biggest and Largest Yachts in the World 2017

It’s a type of boat and ship during 19th century all yacht was made of wood or steel but now a day’s user variety of material like aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, ferrocement and many other type of material. Yacht length minimum ten meters up to dozens of meters and countries made largest and biggest yachts all the time biggest yacht measured by its length.

Millionaires and billionaires built these yachts because huge amount always required for the world biggest yachts they spend lot of money then spend holidays. These biggest yachts provide many facilities and luxuries amenities like helipad, cinemas, swimming pool, gym, beauty salon, spa, restaurants, and other many facilities for the guests. It’s creating a luxuries and wealthy thinking about owners of the yacht in the world because only rich and wealthy people purchase and conserve these biggest yacht.

Here is the list of top 10 biggest yachts in the world 2017.

10. Ocean Victory

Having seven decks, six swimming pools with the length of 459 ft declare as a biggest yacht in the world it was manufactured in Italy. This world luxury yacht designed by the Espen Oeino and Alberto Pinto it is Fincantieri super yacht . Ocean victory completed and introduced in 2014 after four years of completion by the owner of Viktor Rashnikov with the yard number of 6218 and was built to SOLAS Safety of life at Sea Lioyds Register classification society rules. Other features consist of helipad, beach club, beauty salon, cinema, Air conditioning, underwater light, Owner study and lot of other.


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9. Yas

One of the biggest yacht with the length of 463 ft considered as a biggest yacht in the world this luxury yacht built by ADM Shipyards of Abu Dhabi and launched in 2011 it has capacity to adjust 60 people including guests and crew as well. This biggest yacht design with the modern and luxuries facilities like modern cinema hall, big conference hall, spa salon, helipad and many more it create the modern and beautiful view and made this yacht luxuries and world biggest. It was built in 1978 under the ownership of Abu Dhabi Hamdan bin Zayed and design by Paris based Pierre jean Design studio.


8. El-Horriya

El-Horreya also called Al Mahroussa with the meaning of protector but El Horreya means freedom it is oldest yacht which was launched 1865 by the London based Samuda Brothers Company designer of this yacht was Oliver Lang now not for charter. New design of this yacht is symbol of strong wealth and luxury with the luxury features of ballrooms, cinema, spas, beauty rooms, and other many facilities for the guests served as an Egyptian Navy in 2000 ex president Mubarak changed the name back to original name Mahroussa in 2015 this yacht again kick off the New Suez Canal.


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7. Fulk Al Salamah

With the length of 492 ft it ranking as a world biggest yacht in the world Fulk Al Salamah means ship of peace it was constructed in 1998 and launched in 1999 by German shipbuilding company HDW in Kiel and owned by Prince Abdulaziz. It is a private vessel with the cost of 200 million USD and not used for the public features include in this biggest private yacht are business center, fully outfitted hospital, library, cinema hall, two beauticians, Spa, gymnasium and many others it can hold 240 members with efficient and comfortable way.


6. Topaz

This luxury and world biggest yacht is manufactured by the Lurssen in Bremen, Germany and designed by Terence Disdale and Tim Heywood. This yacht is introduced in May 2012 with the length of 482 ft and adjusts more than 11500 people this world biggest yacht owned by the princess Abdulazizis. This cost was 527 million dollar with the superb features of swimming pool, 2 helicopter land pads, underwater lights, air conditioning, tender garage, zero speed stabilizers, swimming platform, cinema hall, fitness areas and big conference room all these luxuries feature make this yacht special and biggest.


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5. Al Said

This yacht is owned by Prince Sultan Qaboos of Oman it is one of the biggest and royal yacht manufactured with the net worth of more than 1 billion US dollar prince Sultan get ownership of this beautiful yacht in 2008. In 2006 Lurssen order to make this biggest yacht in 2007 it was ready to introduced and declare second one of the largest yacht with the length of 509 ft or 150 meter this was build nicely and beautifully. Features consist of helipad, beautiful cinema hall, and accommodate more than 200 people with crew members as well.


4. Dilbar

This world biggest yacht is launched in November 2015 at German Lurssen and hand over in 2016 it was project of Omar and designed by the Andrew Winch and Espen Oeino according to volume it declare as a world largest yacht. It was built with the cost of 263 million US dollar its design very beautiful with many luxuries amenities of longest swimming pool, electric diesel plant, and offer many other facilities for the owner able guest it can handle 40 guests in 20 cabins and more than 80 crew members, this luxury biggest yacht owned by Russia country.


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3. Dubai

Third largest yacht 162 meter long declares as a biggest yacht in the world currently owned by Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum prime minister of United Arab Emirates it hold more than 115 guests including crew, in 1996 originally planned of Prince Jefri Bolkiah. It manufactured with the net worth of 400 million US dollar designed by Andrew Winch and interior designed by the Platinum yacht. This luxury biggest yacht provide the features of swimming pool, cinema, helipad, restaurants, special 21.3 metre wide Atrium, barbecue area and many other facilities.


2. Eclipse

The interior and exterior designers of this luxury motor yacht are Terence Disdale and Francis design it build by Blohm Voss of Hamburg Germany with the cost of 1.5 billion US dollar. In December 2010 this yacht hand over to billionaire Russian businessman Roman Abramovich and launched in 2012 with the length of 533 ft it has three launch boats, two swimming pools, two helipad, gym, hair salon, dance floor, high security system, it also has bullet proof windows, anti paparazzi shield with the laser sweeping around the area and many other facility make this yacht more biggest and attractive for the guests.


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1. Azzam

One of the most top and biggest motor yacht in the world is Azzam which was launched on 5 April 2013 with the length of 590 ft and built by Lurssen yacht. It is owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and presented by United Arab Emirates it built with the worth of 600 million US dollar and design by Christophe Leoni & Nauta yachts it also considered as one of the fastest Yacht globally. It takes three years of completion and has a lot of features and facilities for the honorable guests according to magazine of motor boat & yacht this is not available for charter.


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