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Top 10 Best Special Forces in the World In 2017

Security and Special Forces are very significant for the defense of any country of the world, these finest Special Forces are given a very high-quality training as they have to experience secret and important missions that may be linked to the army, military or may be political.

The history of these Special Forces happening during the Second World War when these forces showed great enthusiasm and won the war against the enemy; so it is very noteworthy for a country to have its special force that has the assignment to protect to a country on its disgusting and defensive mode, to make the country unwavering and energetic against odds over others outgrow, Special Forces has particular missions over through their commanding officers.

So here we have the list of top 10 best Special Forces in the world 2017.

10: Marcos, India

Marcos is the best force unit of India as it is active from 1987; this was called as Marine Commando Force, as this special unit is from Indian Navy, this was made for operating and conducting special operation which including Direct actions, hostage rescue, personnel rescue, Amphibious warfare, counter terrorism, Foreign internal defense, close quarter combat and many other operations. So Marcos is particularly trained, organized, and equipped for the behavior of special operations in a maritime environment; so this force is competent of undertaking operations in all types of terrains but are particular operations in maritime.


9: GIS, Italy

Gruppo di Intervento Speciale is best security group of Italy as this group is an privileged airborne special operations counter terrorism deliberate response unit inside the Italian Carabinieri military police; this was first formed in 1977, according to reports, in 2004 the GIS evolved into a Special Forces unit. As it is interesting to know that this force group is very small because it contains only 100 soldiers therefore this is largely known for marksmanship skills; despite of their skills in the wars and special operations, they are also intimately involved in the training of other soldiers.


8: EKO Cobra, Austria

EKO Cobra is another best special force unit of Austria which is primary made for operating best and conducting special operations but mainly for counter terrorism; so according to interior ministry of the country, this force is not the part of Austrian Federal Police but this is directly under the organize of the Austrian Ministry of the Interior. This special unit was established in 1978 in the basic response to the attack on the Israeli Athletes in Munich Olympics in 1972, despite of this, force is also famous for its fast response therefore so far called as best counter terrorism force around the globe.


7: GIGN, France

National Gendarmerie Intervention Group which is commonly abbreviated as GIGN is the not best security force unit of France but also of the world as it was established in 1974; main missions of this force included hostage rescue, counter terrorism, protection of government officials, surveillance of National threats and targeting organized crimes. Initially it was a small unity but now grown into more than 400 members with increasing responsibilities, this force is the segment of French National Armed Forces as this force was also made to the basic response to the attack on the Israeli Athletes in Munich Olympics in 1972.


6: JW GROM, Poland

JW GROM is bets counter terrorism unit of Poland as the meaning of name of this force is also thunder therefore it is one of the best five special operational units of the country; it was officially activated in 1990 so till now involved in large number of special operations conducted which included anti terrorism operations, unconventional warfare roles. So there is no doubt in the capability and valor of this force, this contains more than 650 soldiers; the group was formed after the formation of many special group in the country but this unit is considered as the best of all.


5: GSG, Germany

GSG is the best German counter terrorism unit which is not only used for anti terrorism but also for special operations, hostage operations and many others so it was formed in 1973 and includes more than 1900 operators so it is not only considered as military group but also special unit of German Federal Police . GSG is also actively involved in the training of other soldiers and operations; it is much interesting to know that this force is called more than 2000 times since its formation and in all these operations they fired only 5 to 6 times.


3: Delta Force, United States

The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta is also popularly called as Delta Force, as it is elite force unit of United States Army; so it is prominently used for direct action, hostage rescue reconnaissance against big targets and mainly for counter terrorism. Despite of this, this unit is largely used in large number of operations conducted in the country; it was formed in 1977 just for sack of conduction of special operations; they are also directly and secretively attached with the Central Intelligence Agency therefore part of United States Special Operations Command.


2: SAS, United Kingdom

Special Air Service which is also commonly known as SAS, as it is special force unit of the British Army; it is also one of the oldest unit not only in United Kingdom but also of the world because it was found in 1941 as a regiment so the main roles of this force includes counter terrorism, hostage rescue, direct action and also reconnaissance. So this unit in actively included in Second World War therefore so far called as the most effective combat forces in eh world; the main two purposes of this force are special operation during war and counter terrorism therefore it is quick response to the terrorists.


2: SSG, Pakistan

Special Services Group which is commonly abbreviated as SSG as it is the primary Special Operations force of the Pakistan Army; it has 8 battalions and every battalion has 700 soldiers, this force is called as most hard working and survival in the most tough times so they are known for their bravery and courage. Therefore in recent days, president of Russia said that with the courage of Pakistani SSG and the Weapons of Russia, they are able conquer not only single country but the whole world so soldiers of SSG are specially trained under hard times therefore they used in very necessary times.


1: Navy Seals, USA

The United States Navy’s ‘Sea, Air, and Land’ Teams are particularly known as Navy SEALs, as it is special operations force which is also the part of Naval Special Warfare Command; the main function of this force is to conduct all kinds of operations therefore they are trained to operate in all environment operations. As interesting to know that this force is totally consist of only male members therefore they are directly attached with United States Navy, CIA and Special Operations Group; this unit is actively involved in the war of Afghanistan and Iraq wars because it contains almost 9000 members.


Top 10 Best Special Forces in the World In 2017
Rank Force Name Country
1 Navy Seals USA
2 SSG Pakistan
3 SAS United Kingdom
4 Delta Force United States
5 GSG Germany
6 JW GROM Poland
7 GIGN France
8 EKO Cobra Australia
9 GIS Italy
10 Marcos India

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