Published On: Sat, May 6th, 2017

Top 10 Best Rock Bands In The World 2017

Modern rock is a format of rock music usually found on commercial television, radio this genre is the innovate of old rock music rock music was started in early 1940s and then transformed into different rock cultures and modern rock which include metal and punk was started in 1970s but in 1980s this modern rock with amplifier and all auto tunic devices added a new flavor in rock music which is now called modern jazz and rock sound.

This format of rock music has gone through two different periods which divides the line from classic modern rock and current rock format used today this was a legacy from new and modern music wave. In 1996 the modern rock return to the mainstream rock charts then in 2000s modern rock became so commercial on radio and TV and internet had taken the responsibility of promoting rock music. Rock and roll became modern pop, rock, jazz, punk, heavy metal and jazz rock which are all the famous formats drive from old pure rock music.

Here is the list of top 10 best rock bands in the World 2017.

10. Wild Card Band
Wild card is an outstanding music band highly professional musicians deliver an exciting and powerful performance for any event this rock band is an amazing music producing band one of the most popular music band in the whole world this band proves that the true rock music and audience fall in love with this rock band. Their songs became anthems these guys could add soulful twist into rock and pop numbers people booked wild card for the weeding events and other parties people can enjoy their evenings wildly with wild card bands this band is on the top of our list of rock bands.


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9. Dirty Pop Band
Dirty Pop is London based rock band consist of 13 amazingly talented people made up of brilliant lead vocalist and extraordinary musician they are equipped with top end instruments and techniques and they can perform to a stunning level dirty pop band can create magic with any songs from any genre weather it’s from pop, jazz, metal rock, punk, and dance. They are famous for their so many songs which are very popular among the new generations of every country, rock music is kind of loud music so not everyone could relate with it but it could be great for the lovers of rock line dirty pop is one of the top most successful bands in 2017.


8. Royal Blood Band
Royal band is an English based pure rock band this rock band was formed in Brighton in the year 2013 all the songs of this band inspired by hard rock ,garage rock, blue rock, and psychedelic rock. In last few years this royal blood had made a very strong impact in the market in these few years this band made his position to develop their self as a successful band in the world of rock bands. Young generations are very much found of this amazing rock band their songs became anthems and the band is loved by all type of rock, pop, punk, jazz, and heavy metal and dance songs royal blood is very successful band net worth of this band is $1 million.


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7. Imagine Dragons Band
Imagine dragons started their band in 2008 an American based rock band from Las Vegas Nevada this band is very successful net worth of this heavy metal, hard rock band is $500,000 imagine dragon made their songs in the genre which is mixture of pop and hard rock music, their songs are very famous in America and around the world as well their second studio album smoke mirrors topped the billboard their song radioactive is like an anthem for every sports event this song radioactive has won the song of the year and most streamed song on internet in the whole world.


6. Red Hot Chili Peppers Band
In 1984 red hot chili papers debut their studio album, this rock band is an American based rock band which had made a huge impact on the audience their first album was named after their band name. This rock band is famous for their guitar playing lead guitarist red hot chili peppers net worth is around $120 million and this band is one of the top most searched band in last two years, in 2016 this band create a lot of amazing songs which made a huge impact on the entire rock world the band plays punk rock and rap rock music, the getaway is their latest album which is very famous among the lovers of the rock lovers.


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5. Guns N’ Roses Band
Net worth of this band is $150 million G N ‘R is an American rock band, in 1985 this band was formed and still this rock band is rocking the whole world with their amazing music and their jazz rock song has huge following. They had released 6 studio albums and sold more than 100 million copies a lot of their songs like paradise city, sweet child and on heaven’s door are among those songs which are world famous songs for this Guns N roses band any rock lover will never say no to this band in this entire world all rock lovers are very much following this rock band.


4. Coldplay
Coldplay is an English rock band this rock band was formed in the year 1996 made by Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland both were the lead singers of the band this band is still performing great in the modern jazz rock pop music. The latest album of this cold play is A head full of dreams and this album sold millions of copies around the world and had received great appreciation from the music lovers in this band in all of their songs they have great variety of music which is best for rock lovers cold plays net worth is around 130 million dollars.


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3. Linkin Park Band
An American rock band Linkin park ,this band was formed in 1996 in California, this rock band had released their first album Hybrid Theory, the band gained international fame after their first album their latest album is the hunting party which is very successful among all type rock lovers and appreciated around the whole world. Now this Linkin Park is working on their upcoming 7th studio album Linkin Park is one of the top grosser of last years and one of the most successful rock bands considered in 2017 as well.


2. Papa Roach Band
Papa Roach is amongst the top 10 rock bands of 2017, it is an American rock band formed in 1993 in Vacaville, California. They have gained a lot of popularity all around the globe, their carrier started from 2000 with the release of their album Infest, which became very popular within the people and it uplifted their band. They sold more than 20 million copies of their albums worldwide; many of their famous albums include Getting Away From Murder, Time for Annihilation, The Connection and various others. Their top songs which got a lot of fame include Last Resort, Lifeline, He Love Me Not, Scars and a lot of other songs, their song Help crossed the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs in April 2017.


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1. Hollywood Undead Band
One of the top most best rock band in the world it is an American band from Log Angeles, California United States they released their first album Swan Songs in 2008. Their second studio album American Tragedy was released in 2011 all members related to this best rock band wear their own unique mask which are mostly based on common hockey goaltender design. This Hollywood undead rock band released their third album Notes from the underground which was released in 2013, they start their career in 2005 but get huge success all over the world and loved by everyone.


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