Published On: Wed, Oct 4th, 2017

Titanic Director James Cameron Reunites With Kate Winslet For ‘Avatar’ Sequels

After two decade of Titanic movie with director James Cameron, the actress Kate Winslet is coming back to industry as she reunited with the same doctor for Avatar sequel and director Cameron called it is planned news as from long time they were planning for such role with Kate.


The director James Cameron told to news that he with Kate was planning from 20 years for such a exceptional role, they are in contact.

There were many rumors that may her career has gone finished but the latest news deny all of the false rumors while it is confirmed that Winslet reunited for Avatar sequel with Titanic director Cameron.

Kate Winslet is known as one of the famous English actresses, she started her career through television screen but later moved to film industry as Kate debut movie was Heavenly Creatures.

She has won many awards but when she was starred in the world famous story Titanic, Kate has won many awards in her career as she got the world recognition under the direction of James Cameron and again actress has reunited with James for Avatar sequel as reported by the director himself.

James Francis Cameron is known as one of the best directors in the world as he has made several films in his career which are known as super blockbuster, he is an Canadian director.

The most successful movie of him was Titanic which managed for him to earn world recognition, he is again in contact with the actress Kate to make movie Avatar and again this man will rock the screen as it is expected with Winslet.

After the success of first sequel of Avatar, the director James Cameron again ready to hit the screens as the next four sequels date has announced and the second sequel will launch on Dec. 18, 2020.

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