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The Walking Dead: Production Stops Due To Death Of Stuntman On The Set

After the death of the stuntman John Bernecker on the set of the movie show, he fell down from a huge height from which he got injures but when he was taken to hospital, he lost his life and now the production has stopped.


On the production set of The Walking Dead, a horrible incident took place when the stuntman fell down from which he faced serious injuries, now the shooting has stopped on temporarily basis because stuntman John Bernecker has died on the sets of the popular TV series.

John Bernecker was an Hollywood stuntman, he has worked in many movies through which he got the recognition like Black Panther (2018), Logan (2017) and Fantastic Four (2015), he is known for these movies in Hollywood industry.

he was 33 years old and he died on July 13, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA when he fell down on a concrete from 25 feet high balcony at Raleigh Studio on the set of Walking Dead.

The US media network said that they are feeling very sad on the death of such talented stunt man John who has showed his skills in many movies, television series and in others; now he is no more between them.

The Walking dead is a television series which is an American post-apocalyptic horror series based on a comic book with same name, it is directed by the Frank Darabont.

It made debut on October 31, 2010, exclusively shown on cable television channel AMC and Andrew Lincoln plays the main lead role as a Sheriff who worked against the walking zombies in the town.

Production of one of the most famous show has stopped because the Stuntman John has died on 13 July in hospital after facing serious injuries on the set.

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