Published On: Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

Suu Kyi Speaks Out Over Rohingya Crisis For Help As She Addresses The Nation

At last, after the destruction of Muslims in Rohingya, Aung San Suu Kyi spoke out about the ongoing situation in the Myanmar, she said that the government is trying to restore the peace in the country and they condemns the human right violation.


After massive destruction of Muslims in Myanmar, the country’s leader at last spoke out, she addressed the nation about the Rohingya crisis, she told that they condemn the violation of human rights law.

Now they are in situation of deep crisis while restoration of peace is under work and the world community is focused on her actions.

Aung Suu Kyi is the supreme leader of Myanmar, she is the winner of Noble prize, she is considered as the first women in history of mankind who has served in different ministries.

She is the National League for Democracy’s leader and under his government thousands of Rohingya Muslims have killed by the military.

Rohingya Muslims are considered as most pitiable nation as Myanmar military is cutting them into pieces, thousands of people have been killed by them.

While a huge number of Muslims have fled to Bangladesh to save their lives and after a long time, the statement of Suu Kyi has came on screen and according to her Military is not involved in the brutal crisis.

She addressed to high command of military and government officials about the crisis, she said that after a long time in the country, nation is able to get its place.

According to her they are against the human right violation but on another hand under his hands thousands of Muslims have been killed and they are forced to leave the country while the UN is still quite about the critical situation of Rohingya people.

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